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    Dash Speaker Enclosure

    Check it out.. we did a blog post on how to properly deaden the small cavity behind your dash speakers. http://www.floridacaraudio.com/dash-speake...closure-design/
  2. If you broke the Maxximus, you'd never get it back from Maxxsonics.
  3. KickinAudio

    Kicker Solo Classics WTF!!!

    I sold both of mine.. they were absolutely mint to. Regret it big time.
  4. KickinAudio

    Pics of my Vaca

    new g/f ftw
  5. KickinAudio

    Super Car Audio Knife

    Glad you like, we had fun making it.
  6. We filmed this as a tutorial on how to install auto insulation using Second Skin Audio products. Hope you like! That is my car in the video FYI. I5E9mjI3y1E#
  7. KickinAudio

    Lovin tha bass, but is it worth it?

    Meter time is best to prepare your vehicle for a competition. You'll want to know where to set your gains, adjust your deck etc for the SPL burp. Other things like moving seats, visors, will help you achieve the maximum possible score in your car given its current condition. If you don't know anyone with a meter or a shop doesn't have one, ask the judge before the show if you can do some test runs, before or even after the show. Have an experienced competitor help you if possible. Organizations like MECA are very helpful in doing this at the show.
  8. KickinAudio

    lookin to buy an alarm

  9. KickinAudio

    What would you do with 100k tax free dollars?

    Buy gold.
  10. KickinAudio

    (2) T40001bd ... which subs should I run?

    Just wanted to say nice amps. Whatever sub you choose you'll be beatin' for sure.
  11. Have you looked at Batterymart.com ? I'm not sure if they ship there though. Try ebay as well.
  12. KickinAudio

    king of bass

    Welcome to SSA Tommy
  13. KickinAudio

    Baltic Birch the best?

    I'm not sure, but I think HDF is lighter than birch. There is also LDF.
  14. Part 1 tmet0_88PN8 Part 2 ymobDVvSlHQ
  15. KickinAudio

    My new Challenger!

    Tint looks great!
  16. KickinAudio

    My new Challenger!

    Alarm and lowering kit... fast
  17. KickinAudio

    Any beer snobs here?

    Ten Fidy is the best stout!
  18. KickinAudio

    Any beer snobs here?

    Not a real "beer snob", but anyone into beer? I'm talking people who actually stay away from Bud and Corona etc. Anywho.. I'm into Trappist Ales/Belgin's.. porters, stouts, ambers... I actually started doing beer trading, I'm all into it now. What about you? Respect Beer!
  19. KickinAudio

    Funniest Youtube/SSA vids

  20. KickinAudio

    1996 Jeep Cherokee

    The doors look tan also
  21. KickinAudio

    Few pics of my G35

    Awesome HDR pic
  22. KickinAudio

    Any beer snobs here?

    This Sam Adams Octoberfest is one malty brew.
  23. x2 I had those amps for years, my favorite.
  24. KickinAudio

    1996 Jeep Cherokee

    Whats up with the gray and tan interior?
  25. KickinAudio

    Any beer snobs here?

    Well how was it??