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    When are ya getting them?? I can't buy anything else untill I get a new car.
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    new car more trunk space....

    Telling you right now, unless you remove rear deck lid padding, its going to sound like crap. I had a L7 running off of a Bd1500 in a Crown Vic and it sounded so bad I took it out. And unless the seat folds down, its just not going to have a good sound, because the rear seats are so thick.
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    Like I said, if you can get a deal on its get it. But I consider these "budget amps". I'm not sure how they perform because I've never used them. I'm not sure on the specs of the Lanzar, but I'll let you know how it does.
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    Yea there are plenty of amps that will do .5ohm, try to stay away from the PA unless your getting a nice deal on it.
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    He hasn't got the amp yet haha, he spent alot of money on the sub and box. Since he's on a budget we're going to try some Lanzar 1000w. I've seen them at world finals and they are only $300, so we'll see how it does. Yea the box fills the whole trunk, we had to cut a little off just to squeeze it in there. Its huge! Are those some new RE's djjdnap?
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    Sig Test

    testing 1 2..