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  1. ss454

    help building box for mids/tweets for home audio

    How good are your box building/tuning skills? If you are a beginner you might just want to go sealed for pure simplicity of design/build. Parts exprress gives suggested box specs.
  2. ss454

    Got a RL-p12

    I have no doubt the RL-P will win this one. The SEs are nice but the P is much more capable sub IMO.
  3. ss454

    would i hear a difference???

    That's what I was about to point out. My BMF1000d benched at over 1400 at 13.8v. Those amps are highly underrated. I'm not sure how underrated the Kickers are but you will probably not see any gain at all. I'm not even sure it would sound better. See if he'll let you swap it out and see if it's worth the change...also I'm not sure how much more power would help you anyway once you run into compression on your sub.
  4. Why go with Mags and NOT a clean sounding amp like the Zapco 9.0? 4 Mag 15's with a 4kw would cause hearing loss. That happens to be my dream sub setup...
  5. ss454

    which sub for HT

  6. ss454

    which sub for HT

    Oh and those EXACT SAME crossovers were with those EXACT SAME mids. We used peerless tweets in his because they had a little better responce than any of hte other in their price range.
  7. ss454

    which sub for HT

    If those guys were talking jibberish then you are in trouble building a crossover...Those EXACT SAME crossovers sound great in the setup I built for my dad...they are a hell of a lot easier to install than building one. I'm very good at that stuff and I didn't see the point in it for a simple HT setup. A SQ music system would be somethign else but rap doesn't qualify as SQ IMO. If you canceled them then good luck building your own.
  8. ss454

    which sub for HT

    4 of these (2 per tower) http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cf...tnumber=295-335 2 of these http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cf...tnumber=275-075 2 of these http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cf...tnumber=260-140
  9. ss454

    Help with Rl-i8s

    Why not just drop that amp to 1 ohm and be careful with the gain and see what you get. I'm pretty sure that amp will take that load without trouble if you don't push it really hard (It'll go into protection but won't hurt it...all modding does is take out the protection most of the time) If that doesn't do it I would say port port port and get an amp that does about 800-1kw at either 4 or 1 ohm. What kind of truck is this? I have done many installs in everything from mini's to fullsize single cabs and never had any problem with single 15s (stamped basket) in mazda/ranger/s-10 trucks and dual 12 cast or dual 15 stamped in fullsize chevy/ford/dodge trucks and never hurt the seat movement.
  10. ss454

    Amanda's System

    You sure that box is to spec? Looks like the flare is a little shorter on the right side than the left.
  11. ss454

    good pair of components

    The P6.2s would be my pic. I think they're $150 at Onlinecarstereo.com still...I know the 8004 is still on sale for about $250 too...I installed P6.2s in that impala I just did and they sound really nice with the 8004 pushing them.
  12. ss454

    Dayton audio

    I used some pre mades from PE...I just looked at the graphs and picked the tweet to match the first rolloff of the mid then bought crossovers for that point. The tweet would go very low because it was oversized and stayed smooth way up in the range so they worked perfect together.
  13. ss454

    Dayton audio

    I'll get some ASAP. I was lucky enough to have time to build housings into the ceiling and hang my boxes up there so I can image them later. My wifes dad cellulosed the attic so there was no problem with insulation.
  14. ss454

    Ideas for stupidly insane dorm setup...

    Why not go with a Madison Executioner X. I think it's a 24" and someone said it's only about $150 new. http://madisonamps.com/products/drivers/index.htm
  15. ss454

    Dayton audio

    I bought a bunch of those Dayton 7" aluminum cone mids from them and some Peerless tweets (they no longer carry) to do an HT setup in my dads house and they sound very nice. Granted I've only got one set of mids and tweets mounted sealed in the ceiling but I have another 7-8 of them left to do the towers and center channel. Packaging was great and they sound really smooth...amazing for about $15 per speaker. My next 3 way setup with come from Partsexpress and be mostly Dayton speaker. Probably go with dome mids and tweets in kicks and a big healthy 8 for midbass in the factory location.