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  1. This vid was at mid volume there was about 5 to 6 db to go up before clip ... I was calling out the big boyz to come to the lanes and feel the warden's pain ...
  2. my poor car Team I/a Team Stetsom .
  3. beajay25

    Nspl shows so far for June 2010

    2nd run 159.3 next show ill play something a lil louder I think i maxed jeezy out ... again the pause was to see the score ... Enjoy pleez Im in the points race for Nspl finals 5k to 10k ... I will see yall there Full power
  4. beajay25

    Nspl shows so far for June 2010

    159.2 + thug Motivation 101 1st run only used 9.956 watts rms clamped 1 alt 2nd alt turned off ... The slight pause in music was not a clipp or cd skip .. It was me to see the scoreboard it looks like jello at this volume tunned 30 hz . From the driver seat 12 volt daily driver
  5. beajay25

    Nspl shows so far for June 2010

    Beajay25 warming up the warden's with them low's
  6. June 19th Newark Del.. Nspl / dbdrag event Nspl will be a 2x point . Dbdrag is a 1x point event ... Then June 27th 2010 Usaudio Glen Burnie M.d Nspl comp 2x point event plus King of the kick bass boxing ... I will post some vid's from the May 16th audio event ..
  7. beajay25

    Some new Warden #'s

    I dont do DB Drag so sealed dont mean shit to me. But to humor you eventually I might get around to that God i hate db drag ? I love doing a 159 music with one window down or a door open for demo and in the lanes ... Sorry im a daily driver and a street thumper ... pleez pleez lets all seal the car up and burp at a red light bwhahahahahaha sorry not my cup of tea
  8. I know the warden's can get the job done ...
  9. I herd lot's of good thing's about the new Stetsom amp's ... Amps are on the small side but put out the raw power ... cant go wrong ... My choice for power would be Cactus Sounds Stetsom or Sound digital Recommend any of the three to any one ... Just remember it takes power to make power
  10. not till after next show ... in the point's race for final's also trying to break a record in nspl with the 8 to 10 k power class .. i think ill see a 160 music with 2 amp's
  11. video with more in the bag / song thug motivation 101 (no added bass)
  12. beajay25

    2008 Death Penalty Review

    Sq is awsome / Spl awsome / performance awsome / power handle awsome ...