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  1. joselmartinez

    Advice on my new ride

    The thing is this is my working vehicle, I'm a Limo Driver and use it to transport people all over the tristate area, and mostly airports, so I need all the space available for this, thas why I'm stuck with the memphis amps, 'cause of the size an they can be hidden behind the actual suboofer pannel, and the sub box downfire as a center console on the 2nd row. Now for the 4 channel amp and the sound processor this is another episode, I'm considering the RF 3sixty.2 for the OEM integration, for the front and rear speakers I was looking for the RE xxx components or the Lanzar OPTI6C Optidrive 700 Watt 6.5'' Component System, and the 4 channel amp...........well I have to take measurements of the available space after the Memphis and the 2nd battery install. but If you already have some ideas I'm open to them, bring them up.
  2. joselmartinez

    Advice on my new ride

    Actually you will still come up short with the ported enclosure. You are not accounting for port displacement either. That will take up quite a bit depending on how big the port is. So your new dimensions (2.204) minus the DD (.24) is 1.964cuft. Then subtract the PD. You can use another of the same amp to power them independently but you never mentioned if they are dual 1 or 2. If they are dual 2 then you can wire them to 1ohm each and use one amp each. If they are dual 1, you can wire both together for a 1ohm load but you can only use one amp. Which do you have? dual 1........that I didn't take in consideraton.......thanks for bring it up man!!!
  3. joselmartinez

    Advice on my new ride

    ok.....I was double checking the space available and I can go up to 28w 14h 13d, that's coming to a 2.204 cuft, without driver displacement, so for a ported dual 10", I think it's good. the thing is now the tune of a box like that. what do you sugest?.............also what do you think about the 2 memphis st1000d to power it up?.
  4. joselmartinez

    Advice on my new ride

    If by efficient, do you mean output? A sealed box is going to deliver the best sound quality. They recommend as low as .6 cuft. How small are you planning to make the enclosure? The amp will power the drivers just fine. As long as the two drivers wire down to one ohm combined to get the most out of that amp. according to the space available 24w 13h 12d, for a combined 1.57cuft., now, I'm negotiating another memphis st1000d to power each woofer independently and thinking of build the box with separate chambers. my question is, in this case, should I try to go ported, and if that's possible do you think doing separate ported chambers will be good?, I think I forgot to mention that this is going to be a downfire box.
  5. joselmartinez

    Advice on my new ride

    Hello everyone, I was quite out of the scenario for family reasons, but always checking what's new in SSA. Recently I change my ride for an 06 Navigator ultimate, I keep most of the equipments of the town car like the audiocontrol LC7, the lanzar OPTIX10 crossover, the memphis ST1000D mono amp and the 2 subs Ascendant Audio Chaos 10". I'm interest in create an sq system with what I got now and add a few more things like component speakers, damping material, etc. also i was thinking in build a custom center console in the second row, that house the subs, cause i need all the cargo space for my job. Where i'm totally lost is in the eficiency of the subs in a small sealed box and if the amp will provide enough power for them. so any ideas or sugestions on what can i do to achieve my goals? if you ask what's the budget, $2,500.00. thanks in advance.
  6. joselmartinez

    ascendant audio chaos for my home audio

    hello everyone, i used to have apair of AA chaos 10" in my car, but i dismanteled the system to sell the car and i'm trying to use the subs to build 2 separate boxes for my home audio, just for music, i have a nakamichi RE-10 stereo receiver, with only 4 speaker connection, no sub output, also I build two speakerr out of the crossfire s.5 and add 2 pyle pro tweeters, with a B&W crossover that i have save from other system, the subs are DVC 1 ohm. what can i do to build the boxes and how to power them? I'll appreciate any help.
  7. hey ozziefudd, after reading some specs and comparision charts, I totally agree with you, now about the head unit, my car it's a double din face wich it will look terrible with a single din and an adapter kit, also I'm trying to get a NAV system as simple and functional as possible, that's why I choose this alpine, 'cause of the mobility of the Nav unit. but about the sound processor, I definitelly will follow the audison, I like it better than the JBL. thanks a lot for your response on my post.
  8. I just find out about the compatibility issue, but about the imprint I think it will be usefull to achieve the sq THE I'm looking for, don't you think?
  9. I was thinking about it, thanks for birng it on.
  10. at any moment you see the battery light coming upo or blinking? do you have an isolator for the batteries?, you should check your alternator, and veirfy the voltage it is coming out of it.
  11. joselmartinez

    Battery Wiring

    I'll say that you sould upgrade your alternator and run "0"g from the front Battery to the back Battery (both+/-)
  12. Hey guys I'd like your expert advice about this Alpine configuration. Head Unit alpine Hd Tunner alpine Audio Processor alpine Sound Manager alpine Rear View Cam alpine Ipod Connection alpine I'm planning to do this upgrade as a christmas gift for myself, but I'd like to read some of your opinions about it.
  13. joselmartinez

    Crimping 0 gauge

    any way you can just solder it, you will not regret it.
  14. joselmartinez

    help with engine noise

    There is a (decent gauge) wire from EVERY piece of gear in your car connecting the ground to only one spot in the car? I mean your head unit, signal processing, amps, everything... Is this the case? no. it vary for example amps have 4g, head unit is the factory g, signal processing are 14g, and the feed for the distribution block is 0g.
  15. joselmartinez

    help with engine noise

    I look for this possibility already, but this vehicle has an automatic tensor for adjustment, so there's no chance to make mistakes on this, as they use a single belt.