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  1. abervintageman42

    beyma subwoofers?

    ya i kinda had a feelin it would be a mid b/c i never heard of there subs before, and it just doesnt look like a sub
  2. abervintageman42

    beyma subwoofers?

  3. abervintageman42

    Your Favorite show off Songs!

    thats what i like to see, some houston stuff thrown in the mix, pop trunk wave chopped and screwed hits pretty hard
  4. abervintageman42

    beyma subwoofers?

    i was thinkin about gettin 2 of these http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_6885_Beyma+POWER+12.html in this box in my next truck http://caraudiofactory.com/20002003-ford-f...nfire-p-54.html what do you guys think of that? according to the sites ive been on it need .7 cu ft of airspace, but i just wanted to know if beyma is a decently built product, b/c the specs on that sub seem pretty impressive
  5. abervintageman42

    box help

    finally got around to taking pictures of the box
  6. abervintageman42

    94' Yukon Rebuild. 8 12" Fi SSD's

    dude seriously i wish i had that kind of motivation, im 17 and cant find the time to do stuff like that, although i do start my box this weekend so we will see how that turns out
  7. abervintageman42

    94' Yukon. 8 12'''s Tahoexfixssd's build

    im 17 and cant find the motivation in me to take on a project like that, great work and keep it up!
  8. abervintageman42

    box help

    thanks eric, i will seal everything up for sure, but i am doing this at my friends house so hopefully he has a router or sander to round the corners off with
  9. abervintageman42

    box help

    thanks man, thats actually almost the exact dimensions RE audio calculator gave me and i printed the cut sheet so i guess im gonna use that design, i will put pics up when i finish, i wont start until next weekend though
  10. abervintageman42

    Paying 10$ for a box design

    whats his name? i talked to a kid that charged 10 dollars for box designs using winisd, werent bad plans at all IMO
  11. abervintageman42

    box help

    how'd your 18 turn out on the 3000d? and he will probaly have a similar answer but damn does that thing bump! hits very hard but sounds clean at the same time
  12. abervintageman42

    box help

    i have the dimensions and everything written down somewhere but its going to be 4.603 cu. ft. tuned to 33.67 hz so it should be a decent improvement from my current box, i love my cvr's they are not insanely loud thats for sure but its only 400rms per sub, they have sounded good in every box i have had them in and never had any problems, and i used to clip the hell out of these subs too until i discovered how to properly tune an amp
  13. abervintageman42

    help me choose what car to wall!

    ya 16 volt set up sounds sick as hell, and i also think you should try out the smd subs, i heard they are going to be beasts
  14. abervintageman42

    box help

    good i measured it out and i wll still have a seat left, a cramped seat but its still a seat
  15. abervintageman42

    box help

    thanks to caligreen i was told that the RE box calculator works pretty well, anyone have personal experience with it? it says i should have 33.67hz tuning w/ 4.603 cu. ft. i think that should sound pretty decent