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  1. Whiskey being lazy. ....... it's what he does.

  2. jizazz12

    Modified Crescendo BC3500d's

    AWESOME build man i would love to hear it in person, i'm a big Crescendo fan myself. My impala has a 3k and c1k in it and i'm putting together the equipment together for my Yukon now, looks great man.
  3. jizazz12

    Problem with C1100.4 highpitched noise.

    I hope that this is a few out of the blue cases and not a defective run, i just picked one up and haven't had a chance to hook it up yet and probably wont for a while yet while i'm buying the rest of the equipment for my build. Tuned in.
  4. jizazz12

    high output alternator help!!!!1 toyota

    Did you try the guys at D.C. power? contact info is in the vendor section of this forum, there a solid co. and have a great product. Spoke to them myself today about a replacement for my 300 amp irragi going to get 270 XP from them, check em out.
  5. jizazz12

    Switching out starter battery

    thanks Nathan, i do have one more question would the 5100 i have be o.k. to run along with to Deka group 31's? someone just offered me a good deal on a pair but don't want to ruin my 5100.
  6. jizazz12

    Switching out starter battery

    Thank you for your help.
  7. jizazz12

    Switching out starter battery

    07 Impala ls.
  8. jizazz12

    Switching out starter battery

    O.k. thanks.
  9. jizazz12

    Switching out starter battery

    No I know that XS is a better battery than Optima thats why i'm switching it out, what i'm wondering is will the 3400 be o.k. under the hood or should i look into another model for that application.
  10. jizazz12

    Switching out starter battery

    I currently have a Optima yellow top under my hood and XS 5100 in my trunk, was looking into buying a XS 3400 to replace the Optima looking for opinions. System consists of Iraggi 300 amp alt, one Crescendo 3kwp and a Crescendo 1000c4 along with two DC LVL 4 15's with d.7 coils.
  11. jizazz12

    SAZ-2500D Prototype Is Here !

    any updates?
  12. jizazz12

    SAZ-2500D Prototype Is Here !

    this is very good timing for me,i will defiantly be tunned in to test results as I'm putting together a rebuild.been looking forward to given a sundown amp a try,wasn't sure the saz 2000 was enough power and thought the 3500 might be a little much for my needs but a 2500 would fit the bill just fine i think.
  13. jizazz12


    give them a call 775-425-5700, or shoot them an e-mail at d.c. audio. com . they really don't list pricing on line, but if you call or shoot them an e-mail I'm sure they will put you in touch with a dealer or do what they can to help you get what you need.
  14. jizazz12

    Thanks to all Sundown customers !

    sound's good to me as well, I'm putting together a rebuild and am in the market for a amp.
  15. jizazz12

    LVL 4 15's

    ha ha lmfoa...