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  1. idk but there's people burping a lot of power with little voltage drop using them Like 16k clamped not even dropping a volt on a full tilt burp I have a friend that has 2 banks in his daily ride Edit: tommyk90's s10....said 12k+ dropping from 14.9 to 14.3v It's worth it for burps
  2. bhsdriller

    battery swollen

    it won't kill the battery, but can make them swell. Was told that from XS themselves after mine started too
  3. bhsdriller

    battery swollen

    heat will do it....have had an xs 975,1200,3400 and 3100 start to swell before I wrapped them in heat barrier
  4. bhsdriller

    Man this place is dead

  5. bhsdriller

    Hammer crimper vs Hydraulic crimper

    A big one
  6. bhsdriller

    Lenny's 6 AA SMD 18's making some titties shake (SFW!)

    I thought he had 9k's?
  7. bhsdriller

    My friends 4 Mile Wheelie.. CBR 600

    doesn't look like he's going that fast really....don't see how he's going to harm someone by hitting them(not saying that it couldn't happen because it can). Maybe if the car overcorrects and flips or something Those stand up balance wheelies aren't that dangerous Now if he was flying through traffic going 150 that's a different story
  8. bhsdriller

    Possible new Skar Subwoofer

    Jacob said the basket is different, but yeah the softparts look the same
  9. bhsdriller

    Incriminator Pro Audio

    man I've never seen a forum that's so against using pro audio in a car lol.....seems like when it's brought up people just get slammed
  10. Knu's ofc is some of the best....their cca is alright. I liked Shok cca way better. Bigger and more flexible
  11. bhsdriller

    Circle cutting tool for Router

    toolmaker jig is sweet.....jasper is ok, but they can be brittle. I went through 2 before I got this one
  12. Are you joking? This is one of the most idiotic things posted in some time. AWG is AWG unless the manufacturer is lying. Welding cable will always meet AWG spec, car audio may not... that's why I said iirc.....obviously I didn't lol carry on then
  13. you need 2/0 welding wire to equal 1/0 car audio wire that's why the 1/0 is cheap, it's smaller iirc
  14. bhsdriller

    Comparing SSD to BD

    I had 2 15 ssd subs powered by a aq2200 and was able to hit 148.9 db with them in a 7 cubic foot box tuned to 36hz.How does this help him buy a subwoofer or make a decision, there could be someone saying they have BDs on 1500 watts doing 150db. So now he would think the BDs are louder and his best bet. It doesn't....but he asked for install examples and he gave him one
  15. bhsdriller

    Comparing SSD to BD

    ^ correct