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  1. Mike.

    SAE 1200D Wiring

    Would it hurt if you had a 300A fuse?
  2. Mike.

    SAZ 2000 installed

    You could simply just make a cover for the battery, a box covered in carper or what have you
  3. Mike.

    Trade-In Program

    I would like to see it as well, might trade in a 4ch Alpine, what about like trading in discontinued products such as an SAE-1000D or 1200D?
  4. Thanks cabrio, I would appreciate that. I just got back in town, sorry for the delayed reply.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I actually have thought about a T-Line before but don't know a whole lot. I figured it would cost a lot to get a design for one. I would definitely be down to build one, I have heard great things about T-lines, anyone willing to help me out with a design or point me in the right direction, possibly shizzzon? If jay-cee or lilcabrio are doing a design that is much appreciated still as I will most likely build more than one to try it out, so if so, I appreciate the work! I'm currently out of town for the week and will be back on Friday, so no rush on my part. And thanks for the reply denim, I figured if I got all this space, might as well put it to use, so this T-line is sounding really good, I never use my trunk for anything.
  6. Yeah I would say 31 is good. And max height is 14. Width (from Left to Right of trunk) is 35 max. And depth (from back seat to back bumper) is 40. so 14x35x40 inches. And I am not too experienced but I think sub back port back is the best option in my car unless I later decide to modify my rear deck to port through.
  7. Tried to PM you but it said you can't get any. I would appreciate that if you don't mind. I was unfamiliar in terms of hearing subs in enclosures of differing tuning frequencies but I heard 31-32 is what the Icon likes.
  8. Alright so I just got everything I need for my install, for the most part. Equipment as follows... Alpine 7897 FantomFace HU SSA Icon 10 d2 Sundown SAE-1200D Soundstream 5.25 Edge Comps Alpine MRP-F250 1/0 + all other wires It is going in a Buick LeSabre, so box size is not a problem and I am aware that the optimal box size is 1.35 ft^3 tuned at 27-33 hz. This is just a daily driver and I just wanted a good sounding system with the potential to get loud so I think what i have is pretty well suited for my expectations. I listen to mostly rap/hip hop, and occasionally classic rock and alternative type music, but rap for the majority. Should I stick to 1.35 cu ft or does anyone have any better suggestions? This will be my first install or system even, and I was thinking about 32 hz would be good to tune at. Also is it sufficient to just use a box calculator online, or would anyone be willing to design me a box? Available dimensions will be supplied.
  9. Mike.

    Pounding Icon

    Aren't the 100.2 and 125.2 almost the same?
  10. Mike.

    Pounding Icon

    Nice, so youre running it 4ohm bridged, 400watts? Are you going to be keeping it with the 125.2 or something with more power?
  11. Mike.


    I would definitely take the BL, and you could or can get a SAE-1000D from Jacob for $225.
  12. Mike.

    A new candidate for another high-end install

    wow I really like your box setup! Maybe I will consider something similar, would like to keep the floor open/spare accessible.
  13. Mike.

    SAE-1200D Sale Pricing

    You could or maybe still can get one from Jacob for 225 with a 1 year warranty I think it was.
  14. Mike.

    Q vs IB3

    I'm kind of confused, but if you are regretting not purchasing a Q, then why don't you get one instead of a bigger IB3...?
  15. I would be interested in some HIDs, but not sure if they will look tacky on a 94 LeSabre....I just need improved vision on the road, it's quite poor with my current lights.