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  1. wondering were the mids will go
  2. Punkeyboozter

    Finally Ordered 18's again

    Just curios, mind sharing what else you have used and how they compare in your opinion? I have a set of loaded 12 BL's and was contemplating in making them into 18's. Or just getting a BTL Neo.
  3. Dont bother he already made up his mind. Something about a 6x9 with the tweets covered in masking tape.
  4. Punkeyboozter

    Hi, I'm Bob...

    Bob I am a smart-ass in case you didn't already realize. Kang is not no-one he is a SSA member. That gives him brownie points.
  5. Yeah was meaning to say sub back port up in fact If I was you id sacrifice one of those rear seats as that opens a whole new world for you. I do understand that this is simply not a option for most people. With one seat down Ill do a a 18 4th order BP and with two seats down...well you get the point. (dreamz) A box tuned to 32 will easily play a 30HZ or lower. If you set your infrasonic filter a wee bit below tuning before breakup becomes a problem you will be happy with it 99% of the time. I am not saying you should not do it. however in a car I will not tune lower then 30HZ personally. In fact these days I almost always go 32-35 for music. Any how all the replies you see here will be options based on personal opinions. All you need to do is to pick one if you can not decide for yourself.
  6. You could likely get 200 bucks for the W3. Try sub back port back. As for your options I say buy a Fi q and get a bigger deep-cycle. batt for the back. Do the Big 3 while you are at it and you should be good to go. O and try to build the box your self (design and build its not too hard) ...also your tuning is somewhat low. Try for around 32-35HZ for music honestly you will gain output and wont miss much at the bottom end.
  7. Punkeyboozter

    Hi, I'm Bob...

    Can we fix it?
  8. Punkeyboozter

    Pipo Sanchez 162db windshield shattering demo

    Thanks. I want to be retired hitting a 162.9 hahaha you may need to its know that old folk cant hear that well.
  9. Punkeyboozter

    Difference between 1st and 2nd Generation Q woofers

    How can that be..? I thought the Q was the best and now its even better.
  10. Punkeyboozter

    sundown lincoln

    My guess is he will try some NEo;s Maybe a 4th BP hey Big J?
  11. Punkeyboozter

    IB build

    no projector after all that work? I am disappointed.
  12. Punkeyboozter

    Advice needed! outdoor subwoofer and enclosure.

    yeah but its bets not to see the driver through the port in a 4th order BP