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    Bravox CS-603CF Kickpanels

    what car is it going into... looks like an olds?
  2. RE-Q not the 5 channel. LPF is at around 100hz Subsonic is around 25hz Gains are full on the RE-Q Subwoofer is a dual 2 ohm wired to 4 ohms, and bridged on the ZED Subwoofer is defiantly not playing any vocals Some of the guys on another forum are saying the the RE-Q might not be able to take the balanced signal from the BA amp and is causing it to act funny.
  3. when set flat, to zero, the stock speakers are distorting at the listening volume needed, to keep up with the subwoofer... that is the only reason it is set so low.
  4. what i meant was, once i installed a knukonceptz capacitor in a friends system. it gave me charging instructions. it told me to use the provided tiny capacitor and attach it to the positive power wire. hold there for 1 minute, then connect the power wire without the tiny cap
  5. Ya i'm baffled by all of this too. As a matter of fact, I have a capacitor sitting at home, I believe it is a 1 farad Stinger one. Thing is, I have no idea whether it is charged or not, or if its been dis-charged, or how i go about installing it without the capacitor you are supposed to use...
  6. When measured with my multimeter set to DC voltage i got 0 volts on the RCA's which is good because that means that the signal is now unbalanced going into the kronos (or the other way around if i got them mixed up) And Ken, as far as I know it's a 100A alt. The car is brand new with only 20,000km on it, so i doubt its an alt issue
  7. From the factory BA amp, we have 6V DC floating going into the RE-Q
  8. System consists of the following: • 2010 and up Camaro drivers side large stealth enclosure from Subthump • Knukonceptz 4AWG wiring and interconnects and speaker wire • MTX RE-Q • Subthump T-Harness (used so that we DO NOT splice into the factory wiring) • 12" Fi Q (dual 2 ohm wired to 4 ohms w/ all options and high qts) • ZED Audio Kronos bridged @ 4 ohm (1000rms) There are a couple things that seem to be off. For one, we are using the factory headunit and thought that the RE-Q would be perfect because of the bass restoration, and the fact that the Kronos needs unbalanced grounded preouts (as said by Steve from ZED). Now, due to the fact we havent installed any bass blockers on the factory BA system, we made the bass on the headunit to -5, mid @ -1 and treble to +1. What baffles me is the fact that the gains on the MTX RE-Q as well as the Kronos have to be set all the way up before any sound comes out of the subwoofer. Now the Kronos has 2 built in clipping indicators so I know for a fact that I am not clipping the subwoofer. I read that the RE-Q is supposed to boost the lower frequencies of the stock system so that there is no need to have cranked gains and such, or lose preout voltage on the RCAs.... So my question is, why must we have the gains so high on both the MTX RE-Q and Kronos to obtain proper sound? My next issues has to do with the amount of light dimming on the interior lights as well as the amplifier. 4AWG wiring is used with a 100A fuse for power (at about 6 feet in length) and my ground cable is about 4 feet in length. The battery is in the trunk, and whats looks to be about 2AWG wiring is used for factory ground and alternator charging wire. Whenever the system is turned up, there is a significant amount of dimming going on with the interior lights (dash, dome light, etc.) but here is the catch..... The amp at near full tilt is getting 13V at the lowest, so it doesn't seem like there is a voltage issue what so ever. So my question is, If my voltage is alright to the amplifier and batt, why is there such a significant amount of dimming? Overall, I am very impressed with this system and would just like to clean up these issues so the owner can enjoy his finished system. Thanks in advance, Mike
  9. jalat

    95 Grand Am build

    On the door panels? Ya. It's a pain to stretch but it turned out well
  10. jalat

    95 Grand Am build

    something to dream about tonight.
  11. jalat

    Road to 160db's!!!

    Any updates?
  12. jalat

    Team Sundown Expedition

    I just shat my pants.
  13. jalat

    IXL's off SAZ-2000D

    I was thinking just under 2 cubic feet per chamber @ 33hz, with LOTS of port area
  14. jalat

    IXL's off SAZ-2000D

    Alright sounds good. I know the kind of power the SAZ is capable of, so I wanna be sure that the woofers will be up to the challenge, cause i know it doesn't take much power for these IXL's to get loud.