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  2. Whiteboydiesel

    A ported box

    I have an 08 silverado crew cab, I just bought 4 sd-2 10" shallow mounts and I need to build a 4 cubic foot ported box. I took my backseat out for now so it doesn't have to be complicated, and I am powering them with a saz2500, and if you know anyone that can build a box so I can put the seat back in that would be great too.
  3. Whiteboydiesel

    The perfect box

    I'm building one to where I don't have to put my seat back, but I would also like to do a 3 rear seat lift and see if I can fit them under the seat, I am running them with the saz 2500. I'll go do dimensions in like an hour.
  4. Whiteboydiesel

    The perfect box

    I have 4 sd-2 10" shallow mounts and I want to build a 4 cubic foot ported box? I need dimensions Thank you, Tyler