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  1. First car, desiring first sub

    Hard drive recently failed on me so I lost all my pictures. Good thing for YouTube tho. Here's a little video http://youtu.be/OxZybfEDKgo Right on, dude! Hows the sub firing up work out for you? I'm debating in keeping it firing backwards. Although, it hits pretty good right now. Sweet video. I can't fit a box as big as that because of my battery in the back, but I can work something bigger in the back.
  2. First car, desiring first sub

    Puscifer:"You're playing below tuning. If the port is only 32hz 23hz should be almost nonexistent. Ssf needs to be set a little higher." Thanks! I looked up a video on how to set it using a DDM. If I can figure it out, I think that way should be pretty simple. "most prefab enclosures made by local shop vendors are too small to begin with and also don't take into consideration port and woofer displacement and are tuned around 40hz...23hz is faaar below that and if you have an ssf filter adjustment on your amp it needs to be set at or right around 36-37hz untill you get your box you want that better suits your good woofer, be carefull what your doing at this point, any odd noise out of the sub could be damaging to it. And that is a very nice woofer. " Thanks, man. You're a great help! I want to set that and my lpf using my new dmm. I'm also thinking of building my own box. If I look up what tools I'll need and materials, I'm sure I could dedicate a weekend to it. Give my girl and I a little project that we both can participate in. Gotta get this sub going in a worthy box! Also...not to disappoint anyone, or you, THX, but I kind of already did damage the sub. It was a total accident. EDIT: The video is coming up as private on my phone. Thats weird. I can't change it to anything on my phone, but when I get home I'll change it for you guys. Unfortunate.
  3. First car, desiring first sub

    "I have always tuned in the 30-34 hz range for my daily use enclosures. I personally found it to work well with my tastes. Generally with a larger lower tuned enclosure you get a flatter response over a larger range of frequencies, whereas a smaller but higher tune will give a much bigger spike or boost but to a very narrow range comparatively. For example I am currently running a single 15 in 4 cubic feet net tuned to 33Hz. And I find it has great range for multiple genres of music." So it would appear low 30's is a good tuning range. I'm thinking if I get a new box I'll bump it up in hz in a bigger enclosure. 32 or 33. Probably 33. "32hz is always a good tuning for these heavy duty subs I believe, however, I don't know what the XCON wants in terms of space and tuning, or rather, what it desires for best performance. If 32hz fits right around the middle of reccomendation, I would surely choose 32hz and use the max internal volume INCLUDING SUBWOOFER AND PORT DISPLACEMENTS!!! listed under vented specs. To quote Alton... " As Brendan mentioned you have to factor in the volume of the sub itself to the volume of the enclosure. So say you're going to build an enclosure that is 1.5cuft NET, be sure to add the .16cuft of driver displacement for a total box volume of 1.66cuft total." Your number's may be different but the same practice still applys. Your subwoofer's website/manual will list it's volume, or someone on these forums will know specifically." Thats cool, man. I think the shop I went to failed miserably. xD I understand what you mean about net volume. I believe the xcon is recommended to be tuned at 26-33 hz. So 30 would be in the middle if thats what we're going by to tune it. "nice. I too have a 2012 Ford Focus. Don't know what Im gonna be running yet tho. Had a DC Level 3 15" in a 3.25cf enclosure tuned to 30hz. Boy oh boy did it have my poor car shakin." Do you have any pictures, bro? My girl and I would like to see how you managed that! Replying through my phone. No multi quote sucks.
  4. First car, desiring first sub

    So I'd just like to post an update regarding this. I removed an input one by one and each time the sub got quieter and moved significantly less. I also played a song at 23hz and I could of sworn it's moving out of sync. It may be out of phaze, or maybe I'm just paranoid. Not sure how to fix it if this is the case. It also sounds like a paper stuck in a bicycle wheel hitting the spokes as it hits bass. Pretty annoying. It also simulates a paper covering the port. But it's not the port. It's the sub. And I can hear it in the car when the bass is hitting. It's annoying. My girlfriend says it's not suppose to do that.
  5. First car, desiring first sub

    Great point. I have a feeling the sub box is poor. xD They carpeted it up real nice, but I think the sub needs a better home. Also don't forget there is a break in period of nearly a month on those subs before they reach their full potential of excursion and loudness, just go easy on her for a while and she'll start to open up for ya, and if your going to stick with a that particular sub look into getting the max sized volume within spec tuned to the lowest hz within spec Snaps! I took it easy for a week (even on 4ohms ) and thought that was good. Anyways, dope, we shall see how she opens up in a month or so. As for spec tuning, you'd really recommend the lowest hz? That'd be 26hz, I believe! I was actually contemplating getting it tuned higher like at 33. Because from what I've read that should give more output, no? I just hope I wouldn't lose a ton of lows. x) As for the max volume spec I have to look into that. Thanks again, everyone. I'll post up my 10 for a final time soon.
  6. First car, desiring first sub

    My apologies on the delay everyone! Comparison video coming soon! Yo, I was skeptical on the difference it'd make, but woah. Instant holy excursion all of a sudden. And stuff actually moves around in my car a little bit now. Pretty epic! One little wire made all the difference. I've been at the beach.... waves... It was too short to work with for me. BUT, no worries, I didn't even have to purchase any wire. I just got another wire and hooked it up like his diagram. x) Midbass, eh? Good thing i'm starting to look into components...hehe As for the box, true. Once again, my bad for the delay. Thanks everyone! It was a long journey, but we found the issue after all. Most of this thread was over my head honestly. xD But I learned how to use a dmm now and how to wire a sub. Parallel and in series. But I now know parallel is the way to go for a single d2. probably hard to understand pic 1. perhaps slightly easier to understand pic Basically what ended up happening was the next day I went to best buy. I went to service and told the guy how I took my sub in to get installed at a shop and they ended up wiring it to 4ohms and I want to wire it at 1ohm but I don't have any wire. He asked me how much I need and I gestured about a half a foot of wire. He's like "i'll go cut you off a piece" and he comes back with like a two foot piece of wire! He's just like "do you know what gauge it was?" i'm all "no" he's all "was it thick?" i'm like "i don't think so" then he goes " will this work?" and i'm all "that should do the trick!" and he's all "here you go, man. You can have it" and I was on my merry way! Went to home depot and bought some wire cutters along with a new dmm (the last one I believe was faulty). In the home depot parking lot I ended up hooking up the sub with my girl. I took the old wire that was running negative to positive and ran it negative to negative. Then I took the new wire and joined it with the other positive and ran positive to positive. The pics are hard to see, but I had one loop running along the bottom of the sub, then the new wire I put above the sub because it was so long. Now there's some songs that actually sound beast where as before I was trying to turn up the bass the whole time somehow. Wishing the bass control went up higher. xD Anyways, that's about it, guys. It appears my sub has reached its full potential! Except, not as far as a "real" box goes. Plus, I still owe you guys a comparison video. So, this weekend (hopefully tomorrow) i'ma try and get some footage. Then hopefully by Sunday night I can have it up for you guys to see the difference one little wire made with my sub. Expect that soon. I am working (Friday is my monday) the next four days so I will have to squeeze it in somewhere. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to post in the thread. You guys helped out a ton. I hope the video will be accepted as a form of gratitude. Seeing what you guys helped accomplish come to life. EDIT: And of course...I have to add in here. Yes, my girl is very satisfied with the sub now.
  7. First car, desiring first sub

    HECK YEAH!!! Now I just have to actually wire it in that way. xD I know the shop I went to last time closes in an hour! So definitely tomorrow I will have this fixed!! Thanks for the help, everyone. Lets see how this pans out!
  8. First car, desiring first sub

    So I just went out and disconnected my sub and all the wires. I put the prongs inside the terminals. 1.6 ohms each side.
  9. First car, desiring first sub

    Basically like the last diagram I posted, right? Little easier to understand.
  10. First car, desiring first sub

    Removing the sub WAS the key, frog! Thanks for cracking this case wide open! Are you able to run it to 1 ohm your self? No, I don't have wire laying around or anything.
  11. First car, desiring first sub

    Removing the sub WAS the key, frog! Thanks for cracking this case wide open!
  12. First car, desiring first sub

    Thank you. I will get on that. I have to disconnect it all again.
  13. First car, desiring first sub

    Okay, I will get on that after I take care of this other problem. After removing the sub, it appears it's wired at 4ohms. WHAT IS THIS! If it truly is then obviously i'd wire to 1ohm and see how that goes. I only overlayed music where the video cut audio. In my editing software when you slow down the video audio cuts. So rather than hear nothing, I put in some music both my girl and I like. I will check out those steps as well. I just want to figure out what kind of sub I have first and if it's wired to the lowest ohm possible. I was thinking the same thing. When I saw a 1ohm diagram, it made me kind of flustered. Like, "WHAT IS THIS! I have to get this wired to 1ohm now!" Correct. I was looking at that too. So you're saying disconnect all wires and just test the two that lead to the amp? Why would I take off the random wire from the positive to negative in that case? Or are you saying connect the dmm directly to the sub? So it's becoming apparent a new box is in order. A real box. Question is...how.
  14. First car, desiring first sub

    Alright. Did my best to get the readings. On the left it read 1.8 On the right it read 1.7 I believe that was all I needed to do. But just because I also did one from each opposite side at the same time. The top two gave me 3.1 And the bottom gave me .2. I will post the pics up after. Time to screw my sub in
  15. First car, desiring first sub

    Guys, I don't want to jump the gun or anything, but so you guys are in sync with what i'm doing. I got it removed now. Here are some pics. I'm working on the dmm now. Left: http://oi61.tinypic.com/imqu8g.jpg Right: http://i62.tinypic.com/nd7yp4_th.jpg Red to black http://oi59.tinypic.com/5js03p.jpg Enclosure/port http://oi58.tinypic.com/eqctnl.jpg Port: http://oi61.tinypic.com/2v8pyy8.jpg Box: http://oi60.tinypic.com/2uz2bnd.jpg Back to tinkering