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  1. the picture of the alternator on the website actually doesn't even look like the one they sent me. Mine came with a small pulley.
  2. And also, when I'm driving and the rpms are going up, the volts don't go up at all or sometimes even go down around .2v. I thought it could have been the serpentine belt so I got a new one and installed it but I am still having the same problems.
  3. I added all 0 gauge wires for the big 3. Quality power 175a H/O alt. that's the only brand that sell alternators for my car and if it comes down to it, I am going to install the stock alternator and see if the problem continues. I really don't want to though because the alternator is near the bottom of the engine and really hard to get to.
  4. it's a quality power 175a H/O alt. that's the only brand that sells them for my car
  5. a quality power 175a H/O alt. that's the only brand I found that makes high output alternators for an isuzu trooper
  6. Hey everyone, I got a sundown x18 powered by a hifonics zeus 1800 and crescendo components to the doors on 600w hifonics zeus. I was running this setup for a couple weeks with stock battery, stock 75a alternator, and no big 3 with no problems at all. With the stock setup, my volts were around 14.2v at idle and when I turn my system up it usually drops from around 13.1-11v and the stock alternator kept up pretty well. I decided to get a new Kinetik 1800w battery, a 175a alternator, and I did the big 3. When I did all of this, my system got worse. My volts were running at around 13.4-13.7 and when I did something as little as rolling up my windows, it drained he volts all the way down to around 12.5. I can't even turn my sub up nearly as much as I could with the stock alternator or it will drain to as low as 9v. I put the stock battery in the engine again because I'm planning on running my Kinetik in the back. As of right now, my volts are still dropping like crazy and now when the bass hits too hard, all of my lights in my car dim including the amp and my amps shut off for 10 seconds then my whole system reboots. I am clueless to what it is and I am getting so frustrated. If anyone has an idea of what could be causing this, I would really like to hear. Thanks in advance.
  7. I just installed a h/o alternator in my truck and am having the same kinda problems. If you find out what the problem is, I'm very curious to hear what it is.
  8. Ok I think I found the problem. I bought these two battery terminals and It has 3 inputs for wire on each side and when you put the wire in, it is supposed to compress the wire and make it a better connection. It doesn't fit on the battery snug enough and the wires are so loose I could pull them out of where it is supposed to compress the wires. I'm going to take the battery terminals off tomorrow and just hook the wire up straight to the battery. Right now, I re-tightened the terminals and I can play my music loud without it cutting out and the alternator is keeping up a little better but if I turn the bass up all the way, my volts drop down to as low as 10v. When I turn the music off, the volts shoot back up to 13.8v. Before I even installed the alt, batt, and big 3, my volts were running around 14.3 and it would only drop to around 12-11 volts when there was a ton of bass. Hopefully when I hook the wires up without the fancy 3 way terminals, I will be getting the full power.
  9. i actually think that might be the problem. I installed a new Serpentine belt with the rest of the things yesterday. I just double checked all the connections and they seem to be tight. The alternator is actually keeping up with everything now but when I turned the music up, it seemed like all of the electrical cut off and reset while the engine is still running. It also cut off for a second when I put it in drive and started to go. I think it might be the serpentine belt slipping when I give the engine power.
  10. I'm trying to think if there was or not. From my memory, I think there was a wire connecting from alt to fuse box then fuse box to battery but il have to look into it later.
  11. yeah it's gonna be a pain to take the alternator back off though. It is in a horrible spot near the bottom of the engine. But if that's what it comes down to, I might have to put the stock back on
  12. i tried revving the engine and it didn't seem to be recharging it at all. Right now it seems like the alternator isn't working at all and the car is relying on just the battery.
  13. it was idling when it dropped and it didn't seem to be recharging either. I did rev the engine a little to try to charge it and that didn't do anything.
  14. i actually just went out and re-installed it. It actually got worse and the alternator didn't even seem like it was charging
  15. I'm gonna double check the grounds tomorrow. The alternator is a quality power alternator. That was the only brand that sold alternators for an isuzu trooper. Also, there was a wire connecting from the alternator to the main fuse box. I was told I didn't need that so I took it out and just had a wire going from the battery to alternator. Would that effect it at all?