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  1. So many updates lol. Added a 2nd alt. new doors built for 4 Mclaren 10's and tweeters, Taramps 4k on the 10's and 800 for the tweeters. Got 8 evil 15's and soon to have 4 more Nendo 5500's.
  2. jlm1216

    south fla in the house

    Welcome. I am a Florida guy as well
  3. I was going to post that, beat me to it lol.
  4. I just say I am a warehouse slave lol. As well as a college student
  5. They are both ford alts. The one I have on the truck now is externally regulated, so I had Singer send a gm regulator for it because it is on the 12v side. The other wiring harness is to clip into the factory harness. The 16v regulator will be externally regulated.
  6. I eventually will. Too busy now lol. I have another one from yesterday that I will post later.
  7. You driving or flying? Also, my 2nd alt came in today
  8. Thanks J. Fly over, you can take it for the day.
  9. jlm1216

    My First "Real" Jeep Build

    Looking at all that snow makes me cold. F that! Lol
  10. First demo was sealed up inside my garage lol. Engine was off, dropped to 16.2v from 17.3 resting. It got pretty uncomfortable right before the light fell. http://youtu.be/FgeD0Q7fxFA