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  1. beanerman

    subwoofer box help...

    The object one is the second top baffle and object two is the support rails inside.
  2. beanerman

    do u like this look????

    I think its awesome
  3. beanerman

    Help with Box

    The problem with a 4" port is it would have to be 29" long. The only way you would be able to have a 4" port is to mount it half way in the box or just reverse mount the port. If you wanna do that just let me know and I'll be happy to help with a design.
  4. beanerman

    Help with Box

    Is it for a single or a dual? Here is a very quick sketchup, all dimensions where made by BassBox Pro 6. I used all the T/S parameters you posted. If your going with an areo port like you said above then it will have to be a 3" port. I'll post cut sheets and what not below pictures. Okay now on to the cut sheet,
  5. beanerman

    Gaming PC Build

    Gorgeous, the only things I would change is the CPU to a AMD FX-9590 with a stock clock of 4.7 GHz and a turbo clock of 5 GHz and the motherboard to ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z.
  6. Hello, I have the ones off Ram-Designs but I would like the originals. Have you thought about letting people download them as a torrent? It's faster and easier.
  7. buy a broken one very cheap and replace the broken parts
  8. beanerman

    Freshly painted Amp

    That's cool, how did you paint them?
  9. beanerman

    Port location/type for Zcon 12

    I would use where is angled as ports
  10. beanerman

    A ported box

    Sorry, I didn't explain in full detail and I miss read up above lol, the maximum size of box that would fit under your seat after displacement of the subs would be 2.485 cubic foot. That's going off the the maximum box size for under the rear seats, H 8 1/4", W 51 1/2", D 16".
  11. beanerman

    A ported box

    For the vehicle this is something you would be looking for, it's 4 cubic foot tuned to 32Hz. Total height would be 12.5", width 48" and depth 20.65". Port width is 4.75", height 11" and port length 30.75". If you need I have it saved for google sketchup and can email it to you if you want. I also used BassBox Pro 6 to configure the size of box, so far has never done me wrong.
  12. beanerman

    New box build

    The largest I could go up to is 7.5 cubed before my wife would make a big deal about it lol.
  13. beanerman

    outter diameter for the hcca 15

    Oh lol okay
  14. beanerman

    Sundown SA or X series....

    SA series is more SPL than SQ and the X series is more SQ than SPL. I have a pair of SA-12's and so far won 6 completions with them throwing 1,200 watts RMS to each. It's up to your sound preference.
  15. beanerman

    New box build

    How do you get ports that big? Every time I try to give a box a port that big in BassBox Pro 6, it says that port length is way to long. I think most of the time it's right around 186".