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  1. leon

    Noob sub wiring question

    Thank you!
  2. Hello all, I am wiring up two 1ohm DVC 12" subwoofers. I am putting both subwoofers in a sealed box, each of them has their own compartment and terminal. I am running a Sundown SAZ-1500D and want to wire it at 1ohm so I get ~750 to each sub. I want to double check to make sure the sub is wired correctly. I found the following diagram. Two 1ohm DVC Wiring Following the diagram, I ran one piece of wire from one positive to the negative on the other side of the sub. I then connect the terminal wires to the other neg/pos on the subs. I also do this for the other sub. Then from both terminals, I run their own wire to the Sundown which has space for two pos/neg inputs (it is internally bridged). Did I do this correctly?
  3. Thanks for the heads up! Just to clarify - based on your comments, I shouldn't be considering the RE XXX-6.5C? Are there any recommendations for 6.5 components that would give me that solid mid-bass? My budget is around $200ish, and I found the XXX-6.5C for about $230.
  4. thanks man, i hope they still work so I save money haha! I haven't used the components for several years since my old head unit was stolen so honestly not sure what the issue could be.
  5. Hello all, I installed my Pioneer MVH-X690BS head unit last night and it powers up fine, however my Image Dynamics CTX65CS in the front doors are not working. I checked the amps and they seem to be working properly. I have an appointment with a local audio shop tomorrow to help me with the big three install (I can't reach the alternator on my Xterra, what a pain in the ass) and I will ask them to trouble-shoot my components while I am at it. However, I have a feeling I may need to replace the components. I have a Sundown 100.2 amp that does 100x2 @ 4ohms and 200x2 @ 2ohms. I am interested in the RE XXX 6.5C as that is one of the few 2 ohms components I've found so far and would like to push ~200rms if possible. Any other recommendations for 2ohm components? I am looking for components that can get low and loud. I am also curious how to wire the 100.2 amp to get a 2ohm load. I've seen on other forums that it is done automatically by the amp which I've found weird - is this true?
  6. I am getting a sundown 1500D and the amp can take a 1/0 wire. I don't have any extra wires on hand and was hoping to keep the replacement install simple. Depending on how I orientate the new amp, I may be able to reduce the length of 4g wire to less than 1 ft from the distro block. If this is really not a good idea, then I can stop by my local shop and grab some extra wire.
  7. Hello all, Quick question about wire gauges. I did some research and found Recommended Power and Ground Cable Size so think I should be okay, but wanted to check in with this community first. Currently, I have 1/0 power cable running from the battery to the back of my truck. It hooks into a distro block and from that block I have two 4 gauge wire roughly ~2 feet or less connecting to two amps. One of them is 1000rms mono amp, and the other is a 100.2 amp for my front speakers. If I upgrade the 1000rms amp to 1500rms, will the 4 gauge wire be able to handle the extra power since it is only a very short distance? The ground for the 1000rms amp is also ~2 feet of 4 gauge, will I need to upgrade that?
  8. Also GCON is out of stock at the moment. I most likely will wait until they are back (am not in a rush...yet lol) but heard great things about Fi SSD. Is that a good alternative? I was also recommended the IA Lethal Injection by Aaron at SSA in lieu of the GCON. Any experience with that sub sealed? Seems I can wire a dual 1ohm subwoofer (Fi SSD) to my amp to get a 2 ohm 1000rms load - is this correct?
  9. Should I look at running a 15" sealed? I do use the cargo space in my truck a lot, so I need the extra room.
  10. I'm leaning toward GCON as well as I've heard they run great sealed, which will save me some room in the back. Seems they're not in stock yet so hopefully can place an order soon.
  11. Hello all, A few years back my subwoofer and head unit was stolen so I've been out of the bass game for some time. Luckily, my amps were left behind as they were in the false floor in my Xterra. Am looking to get a new head unit and subwoofer/box. I currently am using an Alpine MRD M1005 amp and want to wire at 2ohms to deliver 1k watts rms. I am looking for something that slams hard and clean, and I listen mostly to hip hop/rap/rock/alt rock type of music. I am also open to building a ported or sealed box - although I may prefer sealed for ease of construction and to save space in my Xterra. If I go ported - I am not sure which direction to fire the sub as I've seen sub up/port back and sub/port aimed to the back for trucks like mine with the big open space in the back. My old box was sub/port aimed toward the back and it worked well before it was stolen. I am looking at the following subwoofers and would appreciate your thoughts: RE AUDIO SEX12D4 ($177 sale on Amazon) Sundown SA-12 D4 REV.3 ($215 but B-Stock has it for $175) IDQ12 V.4 ($225) Crescendo Audio FORTE 12" ($240) SSA GCON 12" ($249) - only including this because heard great things about it You can see my budget is in the $180-250 range. I've heard great things about Sundown/IDQ/SSA series but heard that IDQ is also great either ported/sealed, so I may lean that way if I ever want to change the box up in the future. Thoughts and advice (and other recommendations?) would be appreciated.
  12. leon

    1.25 cubes @ 33 hz

    haha i checked the forums on a whim when you said the box was done
  13. leon

    1.25 cubes @ 33 hz

    Driver is a 12" Diamond Audio D6. Nice box, can't wait to get it