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  1. Simply CAN NOT WAIT to get my Crossfire C7 3k on Wednesday!!  Will be powering my Fi BTL NEO 12"

    1. jcarter1885


      I can't wait to see the build log get started, Crossfire is not far from me at all.

  2. Just got this bad boy in today, from Fatbox USA...I must say it is the best box I've ever seen built and was done by the head owner of Fatbox himself and is signed by him for me! Not only is it VERY well built, and stunningly BEAUTIFUL, It is a BEAST at 100lbs!!! ALL 1" industrial MDF made in USA with a 2" front panel!!
  3. The Fi BTL NEO that I ordered has a 2ohm Re rating of 1.8 so wiring in parallel i should be at .9ish ohms before possible box rise and any damping factors. I bought the AA 3800.1D and just purchased a North Star AGM31 for the back. I know my box is built to spec, tuned at 32hz, braced like a champ and stiff as humanly possible...here is my question/concern... I just want to understand as much as i can without getting overly technical on ohm's and voltage vs impedance and it's variance...As a daily listener I'm just looking more about what power I will be feeding this sub while wired to "1" ohm around 13.5v...I just hope I don't fall into some 3 ohm situation after all is factored in where I would be feeding the 2500rms sub a measly 1k or something like that Ampere Audio's website specs for the AA 3800 1.D specs at 12.8v Power 12.8 VDC – 1 ohm: 3,500W RMS. Power 12.8 VDC – 2 ohm: 1,800W RMS. Power 12.8 VDC – 4 ohm: 900W RMS. SSA's website specs for the AA3800 1.D specs at 14.4v Power 14.4 VDC - 1 ohm: 3,800W RMS Power 14.4 VDC - 2 ohm: 2,000W RMS Power 14.4 VDC - 4 ohm: 750W RMS The main reason I ask is because I will have spent over 2,000 dollars in trying to achieve 1k more RMS and definately more output. And secondly, I want to make sure I get the best performance out of my new upgrades ...Should I forget about all the numbers where as I am only a daily listener and not a competitor? And even more so, can I reasonably expect that I will have a significant increase in output going from a 1500rms Fi BL 12" running on a 1600rms Hifonics amp to a 2500rms Fi BTL NEO runnin on a 3800rms Ampere Audio?
  4. Ahhh Maann, I'm sorry to hear about the sharp decline in his business practices. I noticed recently as well that he has sharply increased prices. Not good. I have no experience with the products but I do with personal communication with these companies on Facebook: Acoustical Designs Inc. <my favorite. They are very communicative and accommodating...Prices are hard to beat on any box plan you bring to them and shipping is reasonable for sure. and Sound Mekanix Customs
  5. HAHA! YES IT IS! EDIT: still haven't gotten to plug it in yet, though...I just got my North Star AGM and sold my BL 12. I am working on getting all the electrical solid and ready while waiting for my BTL NEO to get here.
  6. Thanks Aaron! and Thank you as well ///M5 for your helpful input! I understand that power supply and maintaining voltage is paramount. In preparation for this (and to see if my upgraded 162amp alt can hang, OR not) I first chose to buy the best AGM31 battery that I could afford for the back of my ride from an audio supplier that has extremely close ties with North Star and is based within 10-20 mins from North Star's manufacturing location in Minnesota! If I find that I still can't keep my voltage up...I will upgrade my alt (again) lol. In any case I'm excited to finally be rid of my little Hifonics amp and to finally own a real amp that is capable of real power. EDIT: it is a competitor whom I talk with who brought up box rise among other things i've never thought about, (I'm just a daily dynamic ground pounder) it's cool though, I like to learn as long as the information is correct!
  7. Thank you! I'm extremely excited myself! I already want to get a 15 and haven't even got the twelve yet, lol. too much money, uuughh
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    SSA Forum members special on Evil6.5's

    NO! Thank You! SSA Store account email address: jacobleeroy@hotmail.com Number of Evil6.5's: 2
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    SSA Forum members special on Evil6.5's

    That's awesome of you Aaron, I have been a part of the forum for some years now, and as you know have ordered two of these speakers, I have not logged in to my SSA account to see if the credit is there. Either way, credit or not on my account, I think this is just further proof (as if any further proof was needed!) of the outstanding practices, standards and products of SSA AUDIO!!!
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    Hand Check!

  11. I run 2600 watts. I did the big 3 upgrade: 0g wiring, very nice battery under the hood with upgraded 0g power AND grounds to chassis and motor, and a new 163 amp alternator (my stock one was 60amps, lol) and I'm staying very close, if not at 14v at full load. The alternator amperage output is essential!! See what your alternator specs are to determine if you need a new one with more output.
  12. THX_Elite

    hifonics amps

    It's important to know that the ZRX (Zues) line of amps are "Max Rated" not "RMS" rated which is very misleading...The BRX (Brutus) line however, IS "RMS" rated. So your ZRX2400.1D will only be around 1200 RMS or LESS. I just upgraded my ZRX1000.4 to a BRX1200.4 a couple weeks ago for this very reason. I bought my 4ch ZRX a long time ago not realizing this fact, and wouldn't want to see anyone make the same mistake So having said this...if anyone wants to run 2400 RMS using Hifonics amps get the BRX2400.1D not the ZRX!! I currently am running the BRX1600.D and am actually upgrading to this exact amp in the near future to give my 1500 watt Fi BL more head room. CHEERS! http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_67936_Hifonics-Brutus-BRX2400.1D.html Edit: didn't realize this was such an old thread brought back to life...still though, I believe this to be useful information for those who are looking to Hifonics to power their system.
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    '97 Grand Cherokee album

    My new ride that I'm going to build my stereo into
  14. THX_Elite


    From the album: '97 Grand Cherokee album

    Upgraded my 4 channel amp from the ZRX1000.4 to the BRX1200.4, what a beast! Still running the BRX 1600.1D. Here is a sexy night view

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  15. Oh MAN!! I'm in love with the SQ after running auto TA and setting up EQ and phase!!!  The DEH-80PRS is blowin' my mind!  I got smiles from ear to ear sitting in a high quality "center stage" in my Jeep Cherokee while the Fi BL 12 flexes the entire cabin!  

  16. Heh Aaron, I think I seen an email from you to show you which pic is duplicated in my jeep album...


    there it is...  Also I'm having an issue finding a way to delete my ONE attachment that is taking up 93% of my quota..any suggestions?  I posted it to altoncustomtech.  Thank you Aaron, you have always been a great help!

  17. From the album: '97 Grand Cherokee album

    This is my DIY tweeter pod solution, turned out awesome! Tweets are SB Acoustics SB29RDCN-C000-4...man these things kick ass!

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    The EVIL 6.5" Midbass

    Just what I'm looking for! I mean, I like my current SB Acoustic mid woofers but I sure would like more than the 60watts rms they provide!
  19. From the album: '97 Grand Cherokee album

    Love the SB Acoustics SB17MFC35-4 6.5", protecting them with aftermarket grills, although I'd rather run em' naked...

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  20. From the album: '97 Grand Cherokee album

    Finished product for my SB29RDCN-COOO-4 Neo Magnet tweets

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  21. From the album: '97 Grand Cherokee album

    This was fun...all I had were tin snips to trim my Jeep's front door panels worked out well though.

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  22. From the album: '97 Grand Cherokee album

    Very nice speakers although I wish they were more than 60watts RMS

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    Rear View

    From the album: '97 Grand Cherokee album

    Done with install! Now for fine tuning :)

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