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  1. moose

    Happy Birthday Jacob!!!!

    happy birthday Jacob!! moose
  2. moose

    (6) Mayhem 15's and (6) 40.1's

    yea it was all good, had fun... mids/highs on the van sounded ridiculously good!!! moose
  3. got lots of calls!! hopin for a good turnout!!!
  4. moose

    (6) Mayhem 15's and (6) 40.1's

    understandable...it should be fun, got a few people wantin to see the van, haha....but im wantin to hear the mids/highs!!!!
  5. moose

    (6) Mayhem 15's and (6) 40.1's

    :D lookin good Brian!! how do they sound? you ready for saturday?! moose
  6. moose

    (6) Mayhem 15's and (6) 40.1's

    Cant wait for Saturday! Get to hear the van!!!! you have PM Brian!
  7. Thanks Brian, and thanks a bunch Scott!!! It's all greatly appreciated! Got a lot of calls, hopin for a decent turn out....anyone else plannin on tryin to make it?!
  8. always red! youre good!
  9. bump bump...anyone else in the area?!?!!? moose
  10. me too!!! but we will see how it goes and we will definitely get some pictures up!! moose
  11. moose

    (6) Mayhem 15's and (6) 40.1's

    very nice!!! i want to hear the carbon fibers!!! ...and i dont know what it is, but theres something i like about the look of the back with the kicker amps in there!! Great Job Brian!! moose
  12. moose

    22inch Fi

  13. moose

    Patience is not a virtue i'm blessed with

    Rusty...i see youre awake....HAHA
  14. moose

    Patience is not a virtue i'm blessed with

    just give it time...he'll get back to you...been very busy!!....you'll hear from him! moose
  15. moose

    22inch Fi

    i can only imagine...