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    hifonics amps

    I had a bxi2010d amp before and loved it it was a beast then i sold it to get a 1200watt hifonics Zeus amp thinking that it was gunna push 1200watts to each of my soundquebd hds3 12's and i found out that wasn't true so now I'm looking into getting the hfi2000.1 or the zrx2400.1d do yall have any input on these amps? I'm looking at not spending more then $220 for an amp that's why I'm choosing these unless u know of other great amps on the cheap please let me know
  2. Kenny Alex Alex

    never again will i order from here

    For real first i get lied to when i ordered my subs they were in stock next day i check my order and it's back ordered till March 31st ok i can wait two weeks then back ordered again till April 28th ok lil heated then that day comes and still not shipped then they have no answers for me on why and a two day shipping turned into 4 days and the subs are too big for my box for 12's and Aaron was nothing but rude in my emails not very professional if u ask me so all i got to say is FUCK SSA and Aaron marks nice and helpful but FUCK YOU AARON you arrogant prick!!!!!
  3. Kenny Alex Alex

    never again will i order from here

    It's a prefab box until my new box is finished for da subs and i fit them in it had to make cuts and Aaron you were rude dnt even act like u weren't you piece of shit. FUCK SSA YOU ASS.
  4. For real still haven't received my subs and supposibly I'm the only one with out a tracking number what's that about anyone have any issues with their order? did yall receive them already? myne were supposibly shipped Monday I'm not a very happy customer i tell ya what!!!!!
  5. Kenny Alex Alex

    hds3 12's

    Can't wait for the new subs
  6. Kenny Alex Alex

    hds3 12's

    Has anyone heard anything about when these are being shipped? i ordered my subs March 13th and were suppose to be shipped yesterday but yet my order still says awaiting shipping. can anyone please update me on what's goin on? i have a huge local car show that happens once a year this Friday and really needing my subs for it. please someone let me know what's goin on
  7. Kenny Alex Alex

    hds3 12's

    Can't wait for my soundquebs though gunna slam in my lil s10
  8. Kenny Alex Alex

    hds3 12's

    True that i dnt even get taxes lol i save my money so i can play. plus i sold my old setup my Audiobahn Flame Q aw1206t 12's to buy these. those were sum slamming old school subs
  9. Kenny Alex Alex

    hello from missouri

    I'm from lake ozark area
  10. Kenny Alex Alex

    Enclosure Pricing

    I'm in lake ozark area Missouri you able to meet in joplin? or at least maybe ship me a box for my two Soundquebd HDS3 12's for my ex.cab s10
  11. Got two new audiopipe 12's in a nice ported box 800rms 1600max each new Panasonic headunit and a Memphis 16-mcd1000 amp for sale wanting $300+shipping for it all can txt pictures
  12. Kenny Alex Alex

    new panasonic headunit 2 12" audiopipes&memphis amp

    Also willing to do partial trades for a nice 2000-2400watt rms@1ohm amp like a brx or something that does true watts
  13. Kenny Alex Alex

    need help with design

    I'm trading my blazer for a ex.cab s10 tomorrow and need help with designing a box for my two hsd3 12's to b tuned at 30hz gunna push them with a 2000brx.1 amp s10's a 96 please help wanting subs to face roof I'm new to box building so cut sheet and a few blueprint pictures is greatly appreciated
  14. Kenny Alex Alex

    2003 s10 build

    What's the box tuned to and what's the cuts for it? I'm trading my blazer for a 96 s10 and new to box building I'm wanting it tuned around 32hz i love listening to my 3-6mafia gunna push my two hds3 12's with a brx2000.1d
  15. Kenny Alex Alex

    need help designing a box

    Should my box be a little bit bigger since each sub calls for 2.5cubic ft each sub n this box is 4.25net cubic ft
  16. Kenny Alex Alex

    need help designing a box

    I've never built a box and need help with a step by step process or blueprint on building a box wanting it 5.2 net cubic ft and tuned for them low lows I've gotta Chevy blazer 4 door to put it in and wanting subs to face up towards roof and port to face the back hatch. I've got two SoundQuebd HDS3 12's I'm putting in it. gunna b for everyday and mild comp bas. powering them with a 1200.1 super d class Zeus mono amp with big 3 upgrade and 0 gauge ran. please someone help me
  17. Kenny Alex Alex

    looking for a d class mono amp

    I'm looking to buy a d class 1ohm stable mono amp really wanting a hifonics but open to others wanting it to b 1600-2400watt rms @1ohm anywhere in that range but don't want anything bigger then 2400 not wanting to spend more then $200
  18. Kenny Alex Alex

    box for hds3 12's

    Just ordered two hds3 12's and I'm not a box builder paid a local shop to build my last one but dnt want to pay that again wanting to do it myself but ineed help figuring out all the cuts n lengths and port and all that I'm putting it in a 03 Chevy blazer 4 door and love the low low bass. also wanting subs to face the roof and port to face the hatch. if anyone can help me figure out how to do this to make the best box for my subs and for bass it'd be greatly appreciated and or if u can send me to someone or a site that will help me come up with a blueprint on how to do this build b so awesome thank u hope to hear from yall thank u
  19. Kenny Alex Alex

    needing altenator for 03 blazer

    AWESOME!!!!! thanks guys
  20. Kenny Alex Alex

    needing altenator for 03 blazer

    Looking for a bigger altenator for my 03 blazer or a optima top battery looking for as cheap as possible I'm nota rich guy if someone could help b greatly appreciated or also needing a extra battery for in da hatch for the amp. gunna b running a hifonics brx2000.1d pushing two SoundQuebd HDS3 12's thanks hope to hear something back
  21. Kenny Alex Alex

    (2) Odyssey PC625 batteries

    Would they be good enough for my brx2000.1d?
  22. Kenny Alex Alex

    Please welcome SoundQubed to the SSA forums

    Can't wait to get my HDS3 12's gunna be SLAMMING
  23. Kenny Alex Alex

    need help with sub wiring

    How do i properly wire my 4 ohm subs to 1 ohm? when I've done it in the past with my audiobahn flame q's my fosgate hx2's and my cvr 12's you would always get that electrical burning smell and subs would get really really hot in the center of the top please help me cuz i really dnt want the same problem with my new soundquebd hds3 12's i bought a 1200.1 d class Zeus amp so i won't be over powering them cuz subs r 1200 rms so i want to wire them at 1ohm so i get the 1200watts and b slamming greatly appreciate all the input if u can please help me I've watched the how to videos on YouTube but still got that funky smell please help
  24. Kenny Alex Alex

    need help with sub wiring

    K awesome thank u all so much I'm signing ofc here till later on gunna hang with my boy's for a lik bit then we r off to see the new Muppets movie lol should b a fun time they r super excited bout it. can't thank u guy's enough for all this help
  25. Kenny Alex Alex

    need help with sub wiring

    K AWESOME!!!! and dnt even install the bass knib remote and dnt touch that setting on the amp either correct