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  1. Hello, I have a SAZ1500v3 and I'm curious to hear some opinions/thoughts on the clipping light that's on the bass knob. Do you guys absolutely make sure that your light doesn't flicker what so ever...or will a small amount of flickering not be anything to worry about? My current frustrations are all revolved around this. I feel like my clipping signal is somewhat premature. I drive a 2013 optima SX. Stock HU/alternator/battery under the hood. I have a Stinger battery in trunk. 0g wiring. 1 dual 2 ohm 12" Fi BL running off the SAZ1500v3 wired at 1ohm in a ported Khaotik enclosure. (I'm aware that I sound like a total noob right now). The shop that installed everything also installed a LC2i converter instead of just disconnecting the previous stock sub that was already in the vehicle. I've spent hours in the the last few weeks changing the gain setting on the amp and changing the bass settings on the LC2i to try and find the right balance but I still feel like the clipping light is coming on too easily. I have the EQ settings on my HU all flat the the bass boost on the amp turned off. I only turn the volume up on the HU about half way as well. (20 out of 35-40 max). Again, I know I probably sound like an idiot and I've hesitated to make any kind of post but I'm just getting way too frustrated. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks