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  1. Trinity Landers

    New SoundQubed Amplifier Line Up 2/5/2015

    Thats the one I want to buy, I wasnt shure if you where coming out with something else. Just makeing shure im not missing anything. Lol
  2. Trinity Landers

    New SoundQubed Amplifier Line Up 2/5/2015

    Any new 4 channle changes coming? It's about time I upgrade the mids and tweets power.
  3. Trinity Landers

    Quick Question - Sub wire gauge

    10 gage wire off the subs and turn the lpf tell you can't breath. Should be set then.Lol
  4. Trinity Landers

    Quick Question - Sub wire gauge

    SQ has the settings under tec support
  5. Trinity Landers

    Are HDC4 18s good for low end?

    I had the sdc 2.5 15s in D4,had my back deck bouncein 3inchs in my crown vic. 3.6 cubic feet per sub tune at 38hz. On a 1200d wired at 2ohm. HDC should kill your vehicle nicely.
  6. Trinity Landers

    Spooking for advice

    You running at 2ohm or 1ohm? 1ohm would wake the amp up but produce more heat. 2 subs would be best to keep heat down and add some more bass, but with them being D2 subs I would not wire down to .5ohm. Voids the warenty's.
  7. Trinity Landers


    Baby deer dont look up. Tech support has all your anwers.
  8. Trinity Landers


    Some pre fab boxs work if you know what to look for. Thats all I have ever used with awesome results in my last 4 builds. Just never had the time or patience to build a box. I would not buy one for the HDC line though lol
  9. Trinity Landers

    Amp and box measures for 2 HDS2 12

    I break mine in slow and don't wire them to 1ohm tell around the 4 to 6 month range. Never had a problem and don't forget to hookup the bass nob for the clipping light.
  10. Trinity Landers


    Enclosure design comes first.Cardboard box won't work? lol Ya but we all have tried it.
  11. Trinity Landers

    box for hds3 12's

    Just buy one off ebay, I look at square feet per camber and port tune. $100 bucks and your done. Just make shure it will fit in your car.