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  1. So I’m getting pretty sick of free handing all my boxes, jigsawing and using screws, my question is what size table saw does a guy need to do basic boxes; like max 24” cuts. Also, what kind of nailer and gauge nails do I use to replace screws? bonus tip* routers? Which one is a good buy to do cutouts and round overs? Thanks ALOT! ;) 


  2. On 1/8/2020 at 8:44 AM, Notorious97200 said:


    nice choice : the Icon is amazing !

    31 Hz will give you plenty lows.

    I usually try to tune around 30-34 Hz. Not much difference. I listen to rap, and reggae (dancehall and old school).


    Beautiful box and congrats on the T1500bdcp never sell that amp! I bet the icon is LOUD on that

  3. If you want upper end kick try a fully loaded gcon 12 - the icon is just too soft suspension with high motor force and excursion meant for smooth bass. Demon 12s might work too I have a pair I might trade for your icon if we can work out shipping 

  4. how does one get - 175 rep? lol. GP is OK they're customer service is OK. I can't speak for them much but Tyler gets alot of crap online. Specifically because he markets welding cable as "special" custom made cable.