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  1. Just bought my first classic car. 1966 Cadillac DeVille drop top. Just had a JL Audio system installed. 1 12" W7 in thr massive trunk. She rattles like crazy. What is the best sound deadener for the money that wont damage my vehicle and that can be removed sometime down the road? This car is original and worth money so I dont want something that will ruin the vehicle paint. Thanks
  2. Just bought my firdt classic car. 1966 Cadillac DeVille drop top. Have 1 jl w7 in trunk and she rattles like crazy. This is a classic worth money so I dont want to f anything up but need to get rid of the rsttles asap. Is there one that is somewhat easily removable that wint ruin the paint. If I ever sell, another collector wont buy with this installed. Appreciate the advice and opinions!
  3. I have one 15" fi bl on a t1000bd. actual rms is 1481. I have major dimming in my denali. I am going to put another cell in back. Where can I buy an hc1200?? I live in milwaukee wisconsin. Does anyone sell them or do I have to get it online. Otherwise what is another good battery I can buy from somewhere to put in back??? Thanks
  4. rybruce33

    Please help!!!!

    Yea but I dont wanna do an extra battery... Can't I just run a yellowtop?? And I already bought the 0 guage which sucks
  5. rybruce33

    Please help!!!!

    I'd say 14-18ft not exactly sure
  6. rybruce33

    Please help!!!!

    In doing that its just gonna charge the system better not make the sub bang more right??
  7. rybruce33

    Please help!!!!

    Well they do it for a living so I would think that they know what they are talking about... Not saying your wrong I just have no clue and I wanna do it right. I already have everything just need to put it in. Just got my fuse holders today
  8. So after asking many questions and buying everything that I need according to people on this forum I have an issue. I have 1 15"bl in my truck with a fosgate 1000bd. Everyone on here has told me I need another cell 0 guage wire, and to do the big 3. Every stereo shop that I went to here says that 0 guage is over doing it. They also say I will be fine with 1 yellowtop and that running 0 guage from the battery is pointless cause the current wire on it is way better than 0 guage is. They say 4 guage is plenty and all I need to do is run the 0 guage from the battery to the amp. Nothing else. They actually said that my 4 guage is fine. So what do I do??? Is it really necessary to do the nig 3 and have 0 guage??? I am dropping to 12 volts when knocking.... If that helps?? Please help
  9. rybruce33

    Is one battery (yellow top) enough for my 15" bl

    What about the crossover frequency?? How do u know where to set that?? My box is tuned to 32hz... Does that mean I want it to be set at that???
  10. rybruce33

    Is one battery (yellow top) enough for my 15" bl

    so how do i know where to set the gain???
  11. rybruce33

    Is one battery (yellow top) enough for my 15" bl

    well when I turn it up the sub bangs more... what does it do exactly then?
  12. rybruce33

    Is one battery (yellow top) enough for my 15" bl

    I have my stock deck in cause it has navi my other problem is I wanna be able to turn my gain up so it can bang more but the problem is that when I turn the volume down the bass is overpowering since I don't have a low pass filter on my deck. Is there anything I can do to change that??
  13. rybruce33

    Is one battery (yellow top) enough for my 15" bl

    160 amps. The alterntor is plenty strong. I dont have the new battery or 0 guage in yet and it blew fuses when playing loud. but when i get that 0 guage and battery on thursday I think i'll be ok. Just wanted to make sure I didnt need a second cell for the back... I like it pretty loud though
  14. Recently bought a 15" bl and a fosgate 1000bd and am getting the big 3 done on thursday. Is one battery enough if its a yellow top?? Or should I just keep my regular battery and add a second cell in back. I would rather just have the one but not if its not gonna be good enough... Please help
  15. rybruce33

    ?'s bout my 15"bl in my truck

    I think so. Its the crossover frequency. It says nothing bout subsonic filter... And what does the infrasonic filter do. Keep in mind that I have a stock deck cause my truck has navi in it. And it plays pretty loud with that so I would rather not change it. Less for people to steal