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  1. ardorx1

    Returning Member from Alabama

    Well damn, there's quite a few off us in close proximity. Small world...
  2. ardorx1

    Returning Member from Alabama

    Welcome, I'm in Madison. This snow we are having is a bitch huh? Not far at all...cool to run into someone close by.
  3. ardorx1

    Team IAK Explorer

    tuned in for sure
  4. ardorx1

    CT Sounds

    ^^^ This ^^^ I "upgraded" to a 1400.1 last year for "cheap power". I'm out $325 and have a useless amp to show for it. As others have stated, take your money elsewhere and you'll be much happier in the long run.
  5. ardorx1

    three 15's or two 18's

    You be correct in stating that isn't a fair judgement. Q puts out a great product at a great price (I own an 18" ethos myself) and given clean power it get's plenty loud. If I remember correctly bigjon had an ns-1 on 2 ethos 15" wired low throwing a ton of power to them. I believe he abused them on purpose just to see what they would take. What kind of vehicle are you putting all of this into? The more details you provide, the more help you'll get.
  6. ardorx1

    Clarion CZ702

    Payment sent
  7. ardorx1

    Clarion CZ702

    PM sent
  8. ardorx1

    ETHOS 18" Ordered!

    Q, PM sent.
  9. ardorx1

    ETHOS 18" Ordered!

    Nice, looks great. I like how the port essentially acts as a "brace". Can you shoot me the wood thickness and the 2 divider lengths on the port? Once again I appreciate all your help.
  10. ardorx1

    ETHOS 18" Ordered!

    Sounds great, I might actually have time to get it together this weekend. Can't wait to hear this thing on music, that's definitely a common between all installs, everyone praises how they sound on music.
  11. ardorx1

    ETHOS 18" Ordered!

    That's what I gave you. To the roof is actually 38.5", sorry about that.
  12. ardorx1

    ETHOS 18" Ordered!

    Quentin, I was able to grab some max dimensions. L38"/W33"/H24", roughly 17.41 cubes, hopefully that makes for an easy design? Thanks again for your help!
  13. ardorx1

    ETHOS 18" Ordered!

    Wow thats awesome, I had no Idea you were hand building these yourself. Like I said the pictures don't do the build quality justice, everything looks the way it should and there's really nothing excess anywhere. Solidly built for sure and that black chrome...
  14. ardorx1

    ETHOS 18" Ordered!

    Absolutely, I posted many of the pics so Q could see what manufacturing had going on, I'm 100% satisfied myself. Will definitely take pics along the way and throw a log up when I get around to install. Q, I appreciate your consideration in passing along the savings to consumers and I'm sure many others do as well. I'll try to get some max dimensions in the next day, I appreciate the design help sir!