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  1. iputon326

    How much can 1 handle?

    like oldskool said the only way is if your electrical is bad or your gains arent set right. it can mess your amp and sub up. if your electrical is good you have nothing to worry about.
  2. iputon326

    How much can 1 handle?

    the big 3 and 0 guage wont be enough electrical by far. i only have 1500 watts and my volts arent the best. i think you need to worry about your electrical before you choose to do anything else.
  3. iputon326

    BL options questions

    all the flatwind coil does it help power handling. it wont affect sq. it just allows the sub to take more. and with the 8 guage your thinkin of terminals. thats what the wire goes into.
  4. iputon326

    Tickets for loud music

    i was messing with all the settings on my amp when i first got everything and someone called the cops. so i seen him pullin up and i bout shit my pants lol. the cop asked me what i was doing so i told him. then he told me to turn it up so he could hear it. he even held a bag up by the port. he was just making sure i wasnt stealing anything because i was by a bunch of constructions equipment.
  5. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    im gona try getin by right now if its the ball joints. im gona get the cheaper ones. theyre like 30 a piece at autozone.
  6. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    Not necessarily.... When the wheel bearing finally went out on my Jimmy there was over 2" of play that I could move the wheel on.... the worst I've ever seen a wheel bearing before.... I know for a fact it was the wheel bearing as : 1. I had an alignment done at a local tire dealer right after I purchased it and they said the machine could see play in the wheel. 2. They said that everything else in the front end was tight. 3. The auto dealer I bought the truck from replaced the wheel bearing and everything has been peachy ever since. and 4. I've replaced more than a half-dozen wheel bearings in my short experience and the noise and associated problems from worn out wheel bearings are nearly all the same..... That being said, how did you get the idea that "if you jack up the car and there's play in the tire then its the ball joint." anyways just out of idle curiosity??? for that matter a loose wheel could be something as silly as loose lug nuts, and believe me that happens more often than you'd think.... Sorry if I came across sounding like a bit of an ass but I'm looking forward to finding out what is wrong with it..... I'm with you, back and forth play in a wheel while lifted is usually wheel bearing. The way I know to test for ball joints is to lift the wheel off the ground only an inch or two, then stick a bar under the tire and leverage it up. If the ball joint is bad, the tire/rim assembly will lift a bit as you lift up on the bar. If the ball joint is good it won't lift at all. thts what i was talkin about. i was looking around and it said put your hand at 3 and 9 and try to move it. it might have said do that for the wheel bearing. lol my bad. i looked up everything i could about the front end and all that so yea i got a little confused.
  7. iputon326


    that blue si is cleaaaan.
  8. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    your ol' pal mikey just redone the whole front end of his jimmy.... you might have him give it a look. chop he did it himself?
  9. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    eh idk i guess ill find out tomorrow. if you jack up the car and theres play in the tire then its the ball joint.
  10. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    right before it started screwin up real bad it was pullin to the right when i let go of the steering wheel.
  11. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    well my buddy looked at it and he thought it was the ball joint. we jacked the car up and grabbed the wheel and it had a lot of play in it. we have a guy coming out to look at it tomorrow and fix it for us.
  12. iputon326

    Fi Products

    the btl would be the only one that can handle the 2200. the bl and q are rated for 1000 watts. you can turn the gain down though. and you sound like you want the q. the q has amazing lows and sq. its a beast.
  13. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    lol alright man thanks for your help. im gona try getting this fixed tomorrow and ill let you guys know what it is for sure.
  14. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    was the noise even louder when you turned? also it only makes the noise when im driving. if i sit in the driveway and turn the wheel its fine.
  15. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    unfortunately the bearings are around $120 each at Advance, O'Reilly's, NAPA and AutoZone...... I priced 'em before the dealer fixed mine.... But yeah it sounds REAL bad when they go completely out.... can you explain what yours sounded like?
  16. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    well thats not that expensive so thats good. this is about the time everything starts going bad in the front end. i have a 130,000 miles on it.
  17. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    i didnt really get to check today. i need to jack it up to get a better look. i tried feeling if the boots ripped or if there was any damage but like i said it was hard to check it out without a jack.
  18. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    yea tomorrow my buddies coming over with his jack and were gona check everything out. hopefully its nothing to expensive because i dont have that much money.
  19. iputon326

    jimmy front end problems

    i dont even want to drive it. its horrible. im afraid if i drive it the problem will get worse
  20. iputon326

    What the hell....

    i seen a video on youtube where a guy was hittin a 150. it was walled in his lumina
  21. iputon326

    help with trunk lid rattle

    you can get some deadener. theres a couple different companies that sell it. it should fix your problem.
  22. iputon326

    Tahoe Rebuild 10kw

    i want a tahoe so baad. nice build.
  23. iputon326

    Sundown Z v.2 -- Cool new part preview

    keep it how it is. it looks sick.
  24. iputon326

    Bass is almost nonexistant

    it sounds like it might be bad rca's.
  25. iputon326

    Five-year-old Romanian Weightlifter

    that kids a freakin beast.