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  1. iputon326

    What will my 12's meter at?

    people are gona bitch at you for this. theres to many factors that go into a system. nobody can tell you what you will meter.
  2. iputon326

    SSA !!! I need your help !!!

    voted, good luck.
  3. iputon326

    xcon recone

    how much would it be to recone an 18" xcon to a 15?
  4. iputon326

    What is my setup worth?

    just throw it up for what you think its worth and if someone wants it and thinks the price is fair then its sold.
  5. iputon326

    xcon recone

    Normal recones are $140, this would be around $165 w/return shipping included in the lower 48 states Email: support@soundsolutionsaudio.com when your ready. alrighty thanks
  6. iputon326

    xcon recone

    i just need to know how much itd be if i sent it in to ssa and got it reconed to a 15.
  7. alright so im building a box for 2 15" LI's. the box would be 33" in depth which gives me 3 inches from the hatch on my jimmy. i think i read on here somewhere that there should be a least 6 inches for it to load off whatever the ports facing. the subs would be on top and port on bottom.
  8. iputon326

    Sir-Lancelot's Build Log - Updated July 17th - Page 8

    does it seem like theres any difference in sound with the ports so close to the hatch?
  9. iputon326

    2010 SSA ICON 15" Prototype

    i like how the dustcaps the same as the xcon. id like to see the icon symbol in a different color though. maybe blue
  10. iputon326

    which is similar to the BL

    well yea more cone area but the sub had a completely different sound. the bl is based more on spl and the death row is more towards sq. i felt that the death row was more precise than the bl. and my buddy had an 18" bl and to me the death row was better all around.
  11. iputon326

    which is similar to the BL

    i had a 15" bl then i bought an 18" death row and they sounded completely different.
  12. im building a box for 2 15" lethal injections and i need to know the cut id for the subs.
  13. iputon326

    cut id for lethal injection

    it doesnt effect it at all?
  14. iputon326

    cut id for lethal injection

    alrighty thanks. im about to go fix it now.
  15. iputon326

    cut id for lethal injection

    how would it effect the output like it is now?
  16. iputon326

    cut id for lethal injection

    im bout to just build a whole other box. i only put one in and havnt even started on the other box yet. or i was thinking just cut another piece and put it over the hole and cut the other one. and i havnt put the second baffle on it yet so i might still be able to fix it?
  17. iputon326

    cut id for lethal injection

    since i messed it up how will it effect it? i mean its right above the port.
  18. iputon326

    cut id for lethal injection

    gah i fuck up everything. i just cut the hole for the sub and i wasnt paying attention and cut it right above the port. so the sub is the closest to the port instead of far away.
  19. iputon326

    cut id for lethal injection

    sweet thanks. i woulda txted you but the screen on my fone broke when i was carrying the wood lol.
  20. iputon326

    Need help designing a box

    he will need the height of the box also.
  21. iputon326

    i need help!

    damn ive replaced two fuel pumps in my jimmy and it didnt fix it.
  22. iputon326

    RE Calculator for FI BL 15 Help

    the re box calculator is wrong. you should see if someone could help you on here with it.
  23. iputon326

    i need help!

    my jimmy does the same thing. i think its jus the plugs and wires. and its really bad wen i have the a/c on when i first take off.
  24. iputon326

    mikey's OFFICIAL build log

    im not very good being around a lot of people i dont know. i have to warm up to them a little before. im just not a people person.