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  1. F-150 Murphy

    Under seat sub for my Truck?

    coble what kind of truck do you have? how large is your enclosure going to be. I like the idea of the dcon i just want to make sure it and its enclosure will fit.
  2. Hey guys, I'm about to go off to college and I can no longer use my backseats for subs. I drive an F150 2001 4door supercrew and I'm looking for a sub that can go under my backseat. I'm just looking for a single 10" or 12". My amp is an alpine m500. any suggestions for the sub? As far as my budget goes id like to keep it under 300$ for the sub and box.
  3. F-150 Murphy

    help me

  4. F-150 Murphy

    help me

    Yeah it does this in free air. What is a former?
  5. F-150 Murphy

    help me

    yeah its weird. its not a burnt coil is it?
  6. F-150 Murphy

    help me

    that mic causes no distortion
  7. F-150 Murphy

    help me

  8. F-150 Murphy

    help me

    I asked a friend what he thought and he said a burnt voice coil :[ are there any other possible explanations? i might post a video of it later. It sounds great on high notes but bottoms out on low notes
  9. F-150 Murphy

    help me

    i dont have one of those :[. do you think it could be due to a bad amp tune that its clipping?
  10. F-150 Murphy

    help me

    Haven't checked the wiring yet bought from some guy on criagslist. i should wire it like this right? http://akamaipix.crutchfield.com/ca/learningcenter/car/subwoofer_wiring/1DVC_2-ohm_mono.jpg
  11. F-150 Murphy

    help me

    I just got a Kicker L7 12 2 ohm and I have an alpine m500 amp, i know its underpowered but it seems to be bottoming out or clipping. It just sounds awful. I dont know if i described this very well just ask and ill provide information where needed. Is it just a tuning problem? Also it will just cut off when the volume gets to loud.
  12. F-150 Murphy


    Yes they are still bright. Are they Bi-Xenon *Hi/Lo no. and i got them on ebay