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    I got my new xcon YAY! here is my short review.

    Just saying you gotta learn not to let the interwebs bother you. Sorry sometimes the members of the elite SSA audio forums club deem people unworthy because they don't sound believable enough or what they say doesn't sound intelligent enough. Its all gravy, move on. Wasting time on people that don't care about you is pointless, find some friends that are into the same thing you are. Clearly the only way to learn around here is to get a punch to the face first.
  2. atamanch

    I got my new xcon YAY! here is my short review.

    Lol don't worry bout it kid, some people take themselves WAY too seriously. Bottom line is keep doing what you are doing and keep learning, these guys are way older than you and are just pretending they aren't jealous of the technology you have at your age. Just cause you are honest about not knowing everything about everything is an automatic invitation for haters to hate. Just brush them off, not worth your time (trust me).
  3. atamanch

    New Setup, Starting from Zero. Tips Welcomed!

    Leave the bass boost alone is the consensus in this forum. It introduces unnecessary peaks into the signal which in turn clip the signal at high volumes: aka blow your shit up when you turn it up. Set the gain with a DMM or by ear if you know how and you're good to go. If you really insist on tweaking the bass boost just make sure you aren't stressing your drivers too much. And there isn't a relationship between the gain and the bass boost so don't go looking for one
  4. I bought a Pioneer P4100DVD and I can play movies just fine and everything but I wanna take it to the next step and start burning DVDs with music videos. I can't for the life of me find any documentation on how to format the videos besides being in .avi format. I talked to Pioneer and they weren't any help. Anybody got one of these?
  5. atamanch

    What subs would be best?

    My 2 cents: I had a 2002 Passat and I'm telling you right now that my Alpine MRP-M1000 (1000 watts @ 2 ohms) was killing the voltage in that car. I had 1/0 gauge wire from the front and only battery all the way to the amp and I was seeing voltages of 11.7 after a good night. I guarantee you that you will want an upgraded alt, in fact I have one sitting under my bed right now, never installed. Its 200 amps made by Excessive Amperage, PM me if you are interested. The good news is your car has a perfectly box-shaped trunk and you can fit a pretty big box in there. For competitions, I'd suggest running a single monster woofer but I'm not really into comps take that with a grain of salt. Good luck.
  6. atamanch

    Trade-In Program

    It would be a very nice gesture to resurrect the program
  7. atamanch

    the "(2) XCON 18s" build....2009

    Didn't know my bad. Soon I'll be amping speakers as opposed to running off a head unit for the first time lol.
  8. atamanch

    the "(2) XCON 18s" build....2009

    Those are niiiice. Definitely getting a pair but im a little confused they do both midrange and midbass no problems? Huh?
  9. atamanch


    Just out of curiosity how long is this deal going on? I'm interested but unfortunately won't have my RSX until end of August so I'm afraid of giving you max dimensions as I don't have the car yet. I'll be tearing the back seat out and getting 2 15" XCONs.
  10. atamanch


    Anything for the 2000D? Preferably at .5 ohms?
  11. atamanch

    SAZ-2000D / SAZ-1000D Orders

    Awesome news
  12. atamanch

    SAZ-2000D / SAZ-1000D Orders

    damn I put my order in in April 16th and I didn't get one. Must be a lot of early birds on this presale.
  13. atamanch


    According to Jacob they should have started shipping them Friday and will continue shipping them through Tuesday in the order in which they were preordered (first come first serve).
  14. I would bet you a paycheck that it was a sub from any one of the manufacturers on this forum, start with Fi for subs though they seem to be getting the most hype. Sundown is sick nasty for amplifiers too.
  15. atamanch

    When it rains, it pours

    good luck man, my 11 person company had to let someone go today as well.