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    Fairmont, west Virginia
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    2000 chevy blazer s-10
  1. Rob Pencille

    CUSTOM SSA XCON's and BOX (if wanted) FOR SALE

    Aww damn! My kids want Christmas presents. ... ill have to start stashing cash away now and hope noone sees this. Glws. Wish I had 1k laying around.
  2. Rob Pencille

    21" warden. aq and jl amps. kinetic. re components

    Price on the sundown 4500?
  3. Rob Pencille

    [FS] SSA ZCON 12 D1

    Shipping to 15825?
  4. Rob Pencille

    pair of ssa 15 inch evils for sale or trade

    Omg I so want them. Just moved. Need to save 1k. Shipping to 26554