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    2006 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Z-71
  1. chevydrew

    Dcon 10 advice

    That would be great. I did create a wtb post as well. Thanks!
  2. I have DCON 10 D4 and I would love a second. It's the older design (3-4 years old) that says SSA on the front. The new ones say DCON. I believe the older version was a little shallower depth also which I need. Thanks!
  3. chevydrew

    Dcon 10 advice

    That could be the case. My front stage are 6.5 Infinity separates. But for the music I like, the 10 is amazing in its sealed box. I really think the answer is to try and find another matching 10. It's just the old style that had SSA on the front instead of Dcon. They were a little bit shallower than the new ones also which I need.
  4. chevydrew

    Dcon 10 advice

    It could have been the box for sure. This was my first ported box so I'm obviously inexperienced with them. BTW the port was 3" in round. I wonder if a smaller diameter port tuned to a different frequency would help. And to clarify, the sub sounded good ported, it just did not hit the higher frequencies like a kick drum etc like I wanted it to. That's the reason I went back to sealed.
  5. chevydrew

    Dcon 10 advice

    I've had my Dcon 10 d4 for about 3 years and I love it. First was a ported box at 33hz. Very impressive, sounded like 2 12's but I wanted more sq so I built a sealed box. Still impressive volume, much better sq for my type of music (pop) but I kinda want more... If course lol. I would love to find a used sub to match this one, the older version. My amp is 1 ohm stable. I would just need to build a new box and I'd have the volume I want without sacrificing sq. I have looked but not had any luck yet. But is there another option with a ported box? Maybe tuned to a different frequency that would get more volume but better sq than before at 33hz? All this in a shallow box behind the back seat of my 2006 Sierra Crew Cab. I had to use a little fiberglass to make the subs fit depth wise but it was very worth it.