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  1. Dcon 10 advice

    That would be great. I did create a wtb post as well. Thanks!
  2. I have DCON 10 D4 and I would love a second. It's the older design (3-4 years old) that says SSA on the front. The new ones say DCON. I believe the older version was a little shallower depth also which I need. Thanks!
  3. Dcon 10 advice

    That could be the case. My front stage are 6.5 Infinity separates. But for the music I like, the 10 is amazing in its sealed box. I really think the answer is to try and find another matching 10. It's just the old style that had SSA on the front instead of Dcon. They were a little bit shallower than the new ones also which I need.
  4. Dcon 10 advice

    It could have been the box for sure. This was my first ported box so I'm obviously inexperienced with them. BTW the port was 3" in round. I wonder if a smaller diameter port tuned to a different frequency would help. And to clarify, the sub sounded good ported, it just did not hit the higher frequencies like a kick drum etc like I wanted it to. That's the reason I went back to sealed.
  5. Dcon 10 advice

    I've had my Dcon 10 d4 for about 3 years and I love it. First was a ported box at 33hz. Very impressive, sounded like 2 12's but I wanted more sq so I built a sealed box. Still impressive volume, much better sq for my type of music (pop) but I kinda want more... If course lol. I would love to find a used sub to match this one, the older version. My amp is 1 ohm stable. I would just need to build a new box and I'd have the volume I want without sacrificing sq. I have looked but not had any luck yet. But is there another option with a ported box? Maybe tuned to a different frequency that would get more volume but better sq than before at 33hz? All this in a shallow box behind the back seat of my 2006 Sierra Crew Cab. I had to use a little fiberglass to make the subs fit depth wise but it was very worth it.