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  1. ORDER 1174

    Ty. I was recommended by 10 vw friends from my car club to order this subs 6(specifically from this site) and i seen the subs and fell in love. But waiting this long makes u lose hope but hopefully u guys can helps out
  2. ORDER 1174

    That's the kinda thing I wanna hear that there was another back order or something. Instead of looking like a fool and throng to wonder whats going on.
  3. ORDER 1174

    I have literally emailed ....... Called at all hours including Eastern times. I fulfilled 2 of the contact me forms on the we page and no reply. I want sone1 to keep me updated.
  4. ORDER 1174

    The e class. D4s
  5. ORDER 1174

    Where is my order? I emailed called (left 3 voicemails) no response. First time buyer after being reccommended by many ppl. I received an email telling me if my product met my satisfaction. What product? It's not even here. Checked in today and appereantly it's still awaiting fulfillment and it's been almost a month. all I want is my 2 subs that I been waiting for. Is it that hard to deliver to California. And yes they where on back order till the 20th may of 2014 and I order 18th of May of 2014.... Atleast tell me over email what the heck is going on