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  1. So you think it's possible the amp just isn't set right?
  2. Its only happened while I've been driving so I couldn't watch the amp, but my components cut out completely but the subs keep going. Used to happen constantly before I upgraded the wiring and alt, but in the four months since the upgrade I've had it happen once. My suspicion is that I pushed out too hard for too long. Regular daily use, never a problem. Just want to make sure it can better take abuse every once in a while.
  3. I'm running two 1200w amps in my Ram1500 to power two 12s and a front stage. I was having power issues so I swapped out my stock battery for an xs power D6500 (biggest I could fit), upgraded the alt to a singer 270amp, upgraded all wiring to 0ga, and put in a big 3 kit. That being said, on full tilt every so often I'll lose my components as the battery can't keep up when it slams for a few minutes. I'm building a bigger box for the 12s I've got, so while I'm at it I'm going to have my builder make room for an additional battery in the cab (it's a quad cab, so not a huge amount of space back there). The installer told me he'll be putting an isolator in as well. Here's my question though. Do I need that second Battery to be able to handle the whole system (ie, a d2700 with enough amp hrs) or will any sized battery work to support where the D6500 can't keep up? Space is an issue, otherwise the choice would be easy for a 31 sized batt. I just want to make sure I don't put something in that won't be able to support or make a difference. Thanks for the help.
  4. kamizake

    1 SP415 or 2 BL15s on 3500w

    Trying to decide on putting one monster sp415 in its own box (5cuft) or having a slightly bigger box and splitting it with 2 BL15s. The SP415 will have the benefit of being in it's biggest recommended box size. I'm planning on doing a blowthrough in my ram 1500, leaning toward the SAZ3500. No competition, just want a nast loud and low daily driver. What do yall think? Thanks for the input.