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  1. dharris2488

    HDC3 & HDC4 Optimum Enclosure Size

    Little late, but thanks for the info. About to start designing an enclosure for (2) HDC3 10's on strapped 2200's. If I tune at 34-35hz, do you think it's still possible to hit the upper 20's with any kind of authority? I listen to Dubstep, Decaf, and Hip Hop. I know 34hz will be great for Dubstep and the rest of my music (probably not Decaf), but I would still like to get low without sacrificing too much "loud", if possible... I know I will have to give and take in any situation. Just looking for optimal tuning... Any thoughts?
  2. Creative man... would love to listen to it! Entry level... I love it! I remember when I got my first set of HDS3 12's and a Q2200. My mind was blown to say the least! I have a similar style trunk. Wonder if I could pull off something like this with the HDC3 10's? Hmmmm
  3. dharris2488

    New Member/The Woodlands, TX Introduction...

    drailed77, what's up? Sorry for just getting back with you, been on vacation. Computer off, cell phone off, disconnected from the world. Was quite nice! Well, I'm having an issue with my enclosure. The lows from 27hz to @35-37hz still sound sick! Anything higher than that, and it's like i'm hearing a knocking sound in my enclosure. It sounds like it's really coming mainly from the right subwoofer area, closest to the port. Almost sounds like resonating of some kind. It's making me sick... This enclosure was a BIOTCH getting in my car and now I also have it sealed off. What I would like to do, since it looks like I'm going to have to hack into my enclosure (and it won't ever be the same after that) is design it with a center round opening of some sort. I think I can save some space and also get the end result I'm looking for. Here's the question, I've always designed slots as my ports, using the enclosure of one of the port walls. I've NEVER designed or built a round port. I'm thinking with (2) 12" Ethos, I will need at least an 8" aero to make this happen Is this correct? Also, is it good to flare both the inside AND outside, or just the inside, or just the outside? This is a daily driver application, sealed off, and probably no competitions. I want it to sound good on music, but also get loud when I want it too. So, a little mix of both... Where I get confused on designing this type of enclosure is, the part where it asks for Vb, do I put in net Vb or gross Vb, so it can determine the length of the tube to get to the desired tuning frequency? This is where i'm confused... I'm sure this is a completely noob question, but this is where i'm stuck... Any help will always be appreciated!
  4. dharris2488

    Ascendant Audio Photos

    Very puuurtie!!!!! Gonna go check them out in the store for pricing and specs. Those look like beasts! I heard in another thread some people were maybe worried about the surround on the 10"? Now, i assume they did extensive testing and it's not an issue, and i'm only asking because I'm curious...
  5. dharris2488

    2005 tahoe road to 150+ db

    Very nice so far... Liking it. Vids when finished please?
  6. dharris2488

    Zero Ethos motors left.

    Are you the same guy I was chit chatting to on YouTube? Said he had 2 Sundown 10's? Well, if not, congrats on buying the Ethos. Gonna love them.
  7. dharris2488

    Zero Ethos motors left.

    I'll be waiting to hear back on the results. I've been thinking about upgrading electrical and buying a BC5500. I could then order a third Ethos and run them in a sealed configuration. Could be interesting...
  8. dharris2488

    Zero Ethos motors left.

    I'll tell you what, my face hurts from smiling so much this past week. These subs keep getting better and better the more I play them. I was screwing around the other day and played a track that was 28hz heavy and the Ehtos ate it up! You should have seen my car. Looked like it was literally breathing... You're going to love them! I wish I could figure out a way to put a third one in the trunk? Has anyone tried a sealed build on these yet? Just curious...
  9. Hey guys, filmed another demo with the GoPro. When I get home, I will get a friend to sit in the front seat like Big John does, and try to get their reaction without them knowing about it... Anyway, here is some "white clouds" for you... Quentin, you can do whatever you want with this vid, if you so choose... http://youtu.be/khY7PB9IlUI
  10. You can sell the d2's to me Okie doike... Maybe we can both come good on this... Whats your zipcode? Not ready to sell them quite yet. PM your info and maybe we can set something up for the near future...
  11. Quentin, I plan on making another video with my GoPro tomorrow to get the name of your company correct. I feel like a freaking idiot! Sorry about that. I'm planning on playing "White Clouds," and probably "King of Bass" again. The quality of the video should be much better than the previous ones. I will post it up here and you can do what you wish with it... if you want me to post it to FB, then I will. I also ordered the cosmetic portion of my build and everything should be arriving by this weekend. I plan on doing something pretty cool to show DSS off. Keeping it a secret for now, just hope it turns out... Thanks again for an amazing product. Thinking about buying a set of D1's while on Pre-Order. It will be cheaper than buying a new amp. I will be able to run at 1ohm and squeeze that extra bit of power out of my 2200's that I think the Ethos are asking for... I'm sure I can figure something out on what to do with the 2 D2's I will have laying around
  12. Well, made it to Tulsa and played the Ethos for a good 5-6 hrs today. Not full tilt the whole time, but I did let them scream several times. Lets just say I can turn heads now. I'm loving it...
  13. Off to Tulsa now... Yay. Another long arse drive. Check back in tonight guys. At least I have the new build to bump on the way up there!
  14. By the way, I need to make a video of my trunk rattle. Virtually eliminated now. My #1 goal of this build was achieved! Rattles drive me crazy, well rattles that I can fix that is... Great job on the Ethos Quentin. I know i've said that a thousand times now, but you definitely have another VERY satisfied customer. Thinking about putting a Taramps HD5000 on them. With my regulated alt, I think that amp may be perfect for my application, plus it will give the subs the power they're asking me for... Can't wait to see the Trident's
  15. Guys, I'm a traveling salesman and I check my computer when I can... Also, I'm new to this site and I didn't realize I had messages. I will try to keep up better... Checking messages now. But fyi... sometimes I may be absent for 2-3 days at a time, so be patient with me. I promise i will get back with you.