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  1. BoominSystem82

    C2 Audio Recon 1.6

    Thank you both for clarifying and giving a bit of a more in depth answer. I appreciate your help.
  2. BoominSystem82

    C2 Audio Recon 1.6

    Notice how I did not mention anywhere in my question about differnce in sound. The question was more about build quality, reliability, and possibly options that differed between the two that someone who actually has experience with either amp liked better or did not like for that matter.
  3. Just curious if anyone on here has any experience running this amp or any of the C2 Audio amps? What were some things you liked or disliked about the amp? I currently have a Crescendo Symphony 1500.1 which will be powering a DSS Ethos 15" when it arrives, but I'm thinking about possibly selling the Crescendo and going with the C2 Audio Recon 1.6.
  4. BoominSystem82

    Pictures of your new equipment

    Pioneer DEH-9800Bt Zapco Reference 360.4
  5. BoominSystem82


    Thanks. I know it was a stupid question, but just had to make sure. I'm already really anxious to get my 15" Ethos and I would go insane if I had to wait until February.
  6. BoominSystem82


    If we have our subs on the lay-a-way plan and are making payments, we're still guaranteed a sub as long as we pay it off within the time limit right? I guess what I'm saying is, all the subs on the lay-a-way plan are counted as being sold as of now right?
  7. I did some research and I realize they are mostly a build house for other car audio companies and are based out of Korea. I just can't really find any info on the amplifiers they put out under their own name. I was looking at the "Zenon World Competition Series 4 Channel Amplifier", but can't find squat for info or reviews. Just curious if anyone has any experience with this amplifier? Would you say it would be a good SQ amplifier to run a component set with? Thanks for any help.
  8. BoominSystem82

    Rainbow Component Speakers

    Thanks for the replys and info guys, I really appreciate your help.
  9. BoominSystem82

    Rainbow Component Speakers

    Just curious if anyone here has any experience with these speakers. Everything I've found on google is in German for the most part. The set I was looking at was the SLX 265.20 X-Plain component speakers. From what I've gathered, these are the entry level speakers from Rainbow. Just wondering how these performed compared to other component sets in this price range. I can get the component set for $175.00 shipped.
  10. BoominSystem82

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I'm recently getting back into car audio after taking a somewhat long hiatus. After doing tons of research to find an amp that fit my needs money and wattage wise, I came across the brand Crescendo and after doing a search on google for their amps, it lead me here. In turn I ended up ordering the Crescendo S1500.1. The rest is history.