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  1. CadillacMatt

    RE Audio MT 15"

    Sorry for the poor quality the lights are out at my apartment and my phone has no flash
  2. CadillacMatt

    RE Audio MT 15"

    Looking to sell my RE Audio MT 15" sub, has some damage to the surround that I've fixed with silicone, plays perfectly well.. DVC 2ohm sub.. I've thrown up to 2200W RMS at it with no issues. Recently totaled my vehicle and having trouble paying bills so it has to go unfortunately... Asking $350, looking for local buyers (I'm in the San Antonio/New Braunfels area) or anyone who would be willing to drive down here... Box not included (can't get it out of the car in tow yard) anyone interested please shoot me a private message, thanks
  3. CadillacMatt

    Hey Guys

    Been out of the game for a while but still rocking with my 15" RE MT. I still see a lot of familiar faces on here! The last Caddy I had is RIP but I'm working with a 2008 Mitsu Outlander now, freshly plastidipped, recently scored a vintage 1971 Sears Kenmore sewing machine and lookin to get into upholstery soon.. Look forward to talking with you all again!
  4. CadillacMatt


  5. how ya doing bro?

    hollar at us sometime!

  6. CadillacMatt

    lincolns....... all big jons,...

    Holy crap... I get too attached to cars to go through them that quickly I guess you could say... problems and all! Looking tight as always Jon! Can't wait for our next SSA meetup. P.S. Sorry I haven't been on in a while guys
  7. CadillacMatt

    Tattoo thread

  8. CadillacMatt

    lincolns....... all big jons,...

    Nice score! Tell me you took that sticker off already??
  9. CadillacMatt

    IAK, here is that trophy

    First time I seen this thread Chop... lol... I remember my first ticket for music when I was 16, it cost about $400... all the ticket said was "excessive noise"... lol! And that was when I had my Sony Xplods But I think it was because the Pioneer coax's I had at the time were effin LOUD Down here in S.A. they've all but eliminated the cruise spots... Me and two buddies got dragged from the car by two cops at gunpoint one time while cruising downtown, they had come up to the window even though the music was barely audible outside the car, and claimed that they saw my friend trying to pull something out of the seat so that's why they reacted like that... it was a shitty night lol! It got bad downtown for a while, in order to eliminate the cruisers they started setting up checkpoints around the downtown "loop", at a stop sign a cop would walk up to your window, and if anything looked out of place, you had expired tags, or if they saw you pass by more than twice they would search you/your vehicle and tell you to leave the area. A$$holes. The only spot left was Fuddrucker's on the westside, there was about a 300 car turnout every Saturday for cruise night.. slabs, hotrods, bikes, tuners, bassheads, trucks, exotic vehicles... cute chicks... but due to kids being stupid and shooting off guns that's shut down too. So down here you're pretty much down to meeting up in groups of 5-10 until you get shooed off from somewhere. In S.A. they tend to treat loud music like a felony crime. Whenever I drive with the music up I'm constantly looking for the fuzz. It sucks.
  10. CadillacMatt

    Infinitely Baffled The Do-Over. :P

    Anymore updates to the Creampuff Hugo? It sounded great when I heard it yall, sound-quality wise the subs blended in perfectly with the music, he gave me quite a range of music to listen to and it sounded great on all of it! Somehow it creates the illusion of midbass coming from directly in front of you as well, I thought he had 6.5s hidden in his dash I was surprised when he told me they were only 3.5s!
  11. CadillacMatt

    Vietnam Tom beatdown

    lol I don't think so, you saw it on Tosh.0 too?
  12. CadillacMatt

    Vietnam Tom beatdown

    lol... just watch if you haven't seen it already. Don't mess with Vietnam vets! And an interview with Tom:
  13. CadillacMatt

    Basebalz13 Door panels

    I love fiberglass projects man, that looks awesome.. and some killer speakers! Where can you find them?
  14. CadillacMatt

    95 Eclipse Father/Son Project

    Holy hell man that is awesome! I'm loving the enclosures and those woofers are killer!!