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    RE Audio MT 15"

    Sorry for the poor quality the lights are out at my apartment and my phone has no flash
  2. CadillacMatt

    RE Audio MT 15"

    Looking to sell my RE Audio MT 15" sub, has some damage to the surround that I've fixed with silicone, plays perfectly well.. DVC 2ohm sub.. I've thrown up to 2200W RMS at it with no issues. Recently totaled my vehicle and having trouble paying bills so it has to go unfortunately... Asking $350, looking for local buyers (I'm in the San Antonio/New Braunfels area) or anyone who would be willing to drive down here... Box not included (can't get it out of the car in tow yard) anyone interested please shoot me a private message, thanks
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    Hey Guys

    Been out of the game for a while but still rocking with my 15" RE MT. I still see a lot of familiar faces on here! The last Caddy I had is RIP but I'm working with a 2008 Mitsu Outlander now, freshly plastidipped, recently scored a vintage 1971 Sears Kenmore sewing machine and lookin to get into upholstery soon.. Look forward to talking with you all again!
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    From the album: Nightshade

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    From the album: Nightshade

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    From the album: Nightshade

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    lincolns....... all big jons,...

    Holy crap... I get too attached to cars to go through them that quickly I guess you could say... problems and all! Looking tight as always Jon! Can't wait for our next SSA meetup. P.S. Sorry I haven't been on in a while guys
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    Image Dynamics 6 1/2" comps

    First off, let me begin by saying that the customer service at Image Dynamics is top notch... due to my improper gain settings I managed to blow through the first set of crossovers I received with the set and Eric over at ID sent me a new pair at no charge. Outstanding company. Now, to the review... where do I begin? This set is very well balanced and the price point is very low for such an exceptional set of speakers. I had mine for around $150. The massive 6.5" midrange woofer delivers clear sound, powerful & punchy midbass, and is capable of sustaining clarity at very high volume levels. In other words, it gets loud and sounds damn good doing it!! I'm feeding around 75wRMS to these bad boys and they're louder than most lesser setups with speakers on all four corners. The silk dome tweeters come with two mounting sockets - one surface mount, and one flush mount... in eyeball swivel sockets for precise aiming. The sound they produce is just right to my ears, not too harsh, and can blend very well with the midrange. However, they tend to be temperamental with the amount of power they receive, so heed the warning on the box and never push more than 100wRMS... you might end up with a fried tweet. In conclusion, this versatile speaker set will satisfy anyone from a discerning SQ guy to an all-out SPL head... and anyone looking for that ever-so-elusive midbass
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    Tattoo thread

  11. CadillacMatt

    lincolns....... all big jons,...

    Nice score! Tell me you took that sticker off already??
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    IAK, here is that trophy

    First time I seen this thread Chop... lol... I remember my first ticket for music when I was 16, it cost about $400... all the ticket said was "excessive noise"... lol! And that was when I had my Sony Xplods But I think it was because the Pioneer coax's I had at the time were effin LOUD Down here in S.A. they've all but eliminated the cruise spots... Me and two buddies got dragged from the car by two cops at gunpoint one time while cruising downtown, they had come up to the window even though the music was barely audible outside the car, and claimed that they saw my friend trying to pull something out of the seat so that's why they reacted like that... it was a shitty night lol! It got bad downtown for a while, in order to eliminate the cruisers they started setting up checkpoints around the downtown "loop", at a stop sign a cop would walk up to your window, and if anything looked out of place, you had expired tags, or if they saw you pass by more than twice they would search you/your vehicle and tell you to leave the area. A$$holes. The only spot left was Fuddrucker's on the westside, there was about a 300 car turnout every Saturday for cruise night.. slabs, hotrods, bikes, tuners, bassheads, trucks, exotic vehicles... cute chicks... but due to kids being stupid and shooting off guns that's shut down too. So down here you're pretty much down to meeting up in groups of 5-10 until you get shooed off from somewhere. In S.A. they tend to treat loud music like a felony crime. Whenever I drive with the music up I'm constantly looking for the fuzz. It sucks.
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    Infinitely Baffled The Do-Over. :P

    Anymore updates to the Creampuff Hugo? It sounded great when I heard it yall, sound-quality wise the subs blended in perfectly with the music, he gave me quite a range of music to listen to and it sounded great on all of it! Somehow it creates the illusion of midbass coming from directly in front of you as well, I thought he had 6.5s hidden in his dash I was surprised when he told me they were only 3.5s!
  14. CadillacMatt

    The Nightshade Caddy

    Hey all ! I'm only about ankle deep in my new build... lol... well, I actually was hoping to get some preliminary advice from you guys, especially in the area of box design. So I'm trying to explore my different options for trunk setup this time around. The 18" Nightshade is a fresh recone done by Steve built to handle 3k daily, with heavy duty spider & tinsel leads among other things... Here are some pics next to one of the old 15" Q's Closeup of the tinsel leads My goal is simply to be balls-to-the-wall loud, of course. Not for SPL competition, but strictly for music. I really liked how low the Q's got off 7 cubes so my key points in designing the trunk setup will be to give the sub as much breathing room as possible while still retaining a little trunk space, and this is where I came up with two possible designs: #1 The first design I thought about, this is viewing from the top. Sub back, port front config. The grey dotted line represents the spare tire well, it's recessed about 6 inches. The yellow dotted line is the rear deck. The box would be contoured around the wheel well. This is the view from the back of the same setup. As you can see it utilizes the tire well for airspace. Now, I'm wondering how this would sound. If anybody has had experience with a setup like this please chime in! #2 Sub up, port front configuration. As of this moment I don't know if this would be the most feasible option as Jon told me the excursion is pretty high on this sub, and I only have about 19" of clearance under the rear deck. Couple that with a double baffle and I don't know if it would all fit... lol... but here goes Have a plexi window or something The rest of the build will be coming in the next few months so I'm going to be focusing on this for now... Shoot your ideas at me thanks guys!
  15. CadillacMatt

    Vietnam Tom beatdown

    lol... just watch if you haven't seen it already. Don't mess with Vietnam vets! And an interview with Tom:
  16. CadillacMatt

    Vietnam Tom beatdown

    lol I don't think so, you saw it on Tosh.0 too?
  17. CadillacMatt

    Basebalz13 Door panels

    I love fiberglass projects man, that looks awesome.. and some killer speakers! Where can you find them?
  18. CadillacMatt

    95 Eclipse Father/Son Project

    Holy hell man that is awesome! I'm loving the enclosures and those woofers are killer!!
  19. CadillacMatt

    The Nightshade Caddy

    Well I'm being held up by the fact that I don't have any more resin, I'm going to have to wait til payday to get some more to finish the port. In the meantime, I finished the box, mounted the port and hooked it up. First impressions, it's definitely as loud as my Q's were, strangely enough the bass also seems much "punchier", quick transitions in bass notes sound sick and a lot more defined that in my old setup, the low end extension is pretty sick as I predicted, my only qualm is that long constant bass notes tend to sound a little muddy, but I'm chalking this up to the fact that the port needs a flare on the back end. Sub is facing up firing into the car through the rear deck hole, and the port is facing back towards the trunk lid. Will try and post some more pics tomorrow.
  20. CadillacMatt

    The Nightshade Caddy

    UPDATES! After an hour drive from work today I couldn't wait to get home and work on the box! I started by demolding the port tube, after about 15 seconds of prying I realized this mold wasn't going to survive for very long. Oh well, sacrifices must be made! I broke the Sonotube free from the base, and cut it from the inside all the way down. The cardboard came right off leaving me with a perfect form! And now, through the magic of time lapse *insert saw buzzing here* Tada!! It came out tits, MUCH better than I expected! For only two plies of glass, the flared end is SUPER strong, it doesn't flex at all. However, I still need to construct a mini-mold for the flare on the other side. Now, to get it into the box! Circle jig Just had to drop it in there.... sweeeet! All that's left is to flare the other end of the port, mount it, top off the box, bracing, and I'll be ready to rock and roll. Stay tuned
  21. CadillacMatt

    Infinitely Baffled The Do-Over. :P

    Harbor Freight for the win
  22. CadillacMatt

    The Nightshade Caddy

    Gotta work with what I got, lol
  23. CadillacMatt

    The Nightshade Caddy

    Quick update. Built sides of box, drill crapped out, even after 1 1/2 charging it was only good for about 3 more screws so I'm stopping for tonight. Satisfied with the box so far it's the best I can hope for with a jigsaw. Oh, and might have an issue with port sitting flush to box due to depth, needs to be 20" long and the inside depth is 22.5". Might build some small MDF blocks to set port out from outside wall. More tomorrow.
  24. CadillacMatt

    Port area

    Thanks for the input guys Wow Adrian those are awesome! I just finished glassing my port tube I put some pics up here, your way seems a lot less labor/material intensive but I couldn't find any PVC over 6" at Lowe's OR HD And I'm interested in that data as well, I want to see some numbers
  25. CadillacMatt

    Port area

    Hey all It seems the general consensus is to use 14"-16" or port area per cube for slot ports, and that flared round ports (aka aeroports) are recommended @ 8"-12" per cube... Now I was thinking about fabricating a port out of Sonotube or the like, and possibly creating some flared ends using fiberglass... What would be a good port area to shoot for? I was figuring if I used a 10" tube that would give me ~78in² Av which for a 6.5ft³ enclosure after displacements nails it right at 12" per cube. For an 18" driver. Thanks