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  1. I heard about FI a few years back when living in Florida and have been planning on picking up a pair of 12's to replace my aged JL w6v2's. I have seen a lot of sub-woofers throughout the years but these things are simply amazing. I have them in a 5ft ported box built to specs on only 500 watts of power each from my JL 1000/1. So at less than 1\3 power i am already impressed. When I get my HO alternator in my Durango and get my 0 gauge wire installed I will be grabbing another 1000/1 and running one to each which i'm sure will put a grin on my face.. I will post some install pics up when I get it all cleaned up if anyone is interested.. it's a bit of a spiders nest of wires at the moment and still in the fine tuning process. lol I just wanted to say way to go FI, You guys have one of the best competitively priced products on the market. It's also made in the USA so yet another bonus.. I see a lot of people complaining about having to wait 3+ weeks for these speakers but I can honestly say these would still be worth it having to wait 3 months to receive, they are THAT good. :-)