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  1. krazz619

    Bass Knob Issue

    This is my thinking process. I think I just have to turn up the amp a little and allow the know to be more adjustable to every song, instead of the max setting on certain songs
  2. krazz619

    Bass Knob Issue

    So I see things got a little out of hand here lol. I still can't see if I solved my issue until my adapters from Knukonceptz comes in but I'm hoping setting the knowledge to make and adjust the gain will fix it. But I'm doubting it will, I never had an issue setting the gain with the knowledge halfway until now.
  3. krazz619

    Bass Knob Issue

    So how should I correctly do it? Disconnect my amp completely, reconnect, plug the knob in and turn it up all the way. play the 40hz cd track and turn the gain all the way up until the light comes on?
  4. krazz619

    Bass Knob Issue

    Sup SQ Forum, So the problem: I re-tuned my amp with my knob and for some reason now on certain songs, I can turn the knob all the way up to the max without the clipping light coming on. (Didn't happen before) Before: I had my 750.1 and HDS212 hooked up, tuned the amp with a youtube video on my phone with a 40hz note (Gain) and 100hz note (LPF) using my knob's (Set to half way) clipping light to set everything. Never had the problem Now: Same 750.1 but now hooked up my new HDS312. Also, this time I downloaded and used a cd with a 40hz note and 100hz note. Same way, Bass Knob set to halfway and adjusted everything until the clipping light came on. But now I can turn it up to max on certain songs with the light coming on. (Just seems weird to me) Other songs, I use the knob normally, adjusting until the light doesn't completely or partially come on. I believe I actually had this problem before with my HDS212 but I fixed it somehow. (At first I set the HDS312 LPF to 80hz, but then I remember SQ suggests 100-120. I thought setting it to 100hz would fix it but it didn't) I also thought that maybe I had to reset the knob somehow as if it kept the same gain setting as the HDS212 with youtube videos. I don't how or what to do but I tried unhooking everything as if it was like a reset. Any other suggestions, info, or similar cases from anyone?? Thanks ahead of time!
  5. krazz619

    need guidance

    Well this actually helped me, I'll wait until I know the dimensions and if I can fit a 15" then that's what I'll put in, if not then a 12". Thanks guys
  6. krazz619

    need guidance

    Yah I understand the importance of the box, which is why the next one will be custom made to fit and for the sub's specs. As for the RSX and having a 15" weight isn't an issue to me at all, or space/size of it in the hatch, just as long as it works and performs enough. I just can't decide between a 12 or a 15 lol. Also, aside of not sure if the HDS12 or 15 differ as much, but I do care for both SPL and SQ, so if the 15 is only SPL and the 12 is really good with both then I guess that helps the decision. Idk, more thoughts in my head
  7. krazz619

    need guidance

    Currentlt own a HDS212 with a 750.1. I plan on getting a HDS3 very soon with a 1200.2. Now the problem is idk if u should get another 12 or try a 15. My theory, louder (which I want),capable of hitting more notes, like higher and lower hz's with a 15 compared to my current 12. But I'm trying to plan ahead for future build in my next car (which I hope it'll be an Acura RSX). So I'd like to consider how the HDS312 or 15 will sound in a hatch with good box made for the sub. Any opinions or questions needed answered to help me figure out what I exactly want. Thanks ahead of time!
  8. krazz619

    Spooking for advice

    Hey guys, So I bought a HDS212 D2 and 750.1 little over month ago. Love it but I wanna get louder. So looking for input on how I should spend money. -Do I buy another HDS212 and 750.1 and hook it all up together in a new box -Buy another HDS212 and a new 1200.1 amp plus box? -Get a HDS312 or 15 and 1200.1 and possibly use same box (unless I go with 15" obviously) Also, for electrical, I'd probably have to get a second battery? And I'm still looking towards the big 3 in near future. Currently in a '01 Corolla with an interstate battery (550 CCA) Off topic question: if I made a wood floor and put my box in place of my backseat, would it sound better than being in the trunk? Only downfall I've found was higher chance of being broken in but it's a Corolla and I got 15% tint lol. Thanks ahead of time!!
  9. krazz619


    My system is a Soundqubed HDS212 with Sq's 750.1 (so the knob that comes with that amp). And it's going in a Ported box off of SonicElectronix
  10. krazz619


    So I just made my purchase for a HDS212 and Q1-750. Wanted to get some input on how to properly tune it. I don't have any meters, dd1s, anything like that, but I may be able to borrow one. But anyways, what is the process of tuning the Q1-750? Also, this will be my first system with a bass knob, so I'd appreciate help on tuning with that. Thanks ahead of time