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  1. ImAwesomeLee

    Enclosure Calculation Check

    I am looking to have my Volume / Port Tuning checked for these particular subs. Reasoning for 2 separate enclosures as opposed to one... The person I am building this box for wasn't sure if he was doing a single amp for both or separate amps for each sub. This was to avoid him ruining these subs by possibly using two amps not matched and tuned symmetrically. Also, this is going in a SUV and he has the room to accommodate the larger box. Updated 3D view with support bracing in place. (used to bring down box volume)
  2. ImAwesomeLee

    Enclosure Calculation Check

    OK, Here is an update to my previous specs... I ended up tweaking things a bit I am pretty positive I had wrong, I'd still GREATLY appreciate someone taking a gander at this to proof read my calculations for me. I've included new specs as well as 3D's of the enclosure. I'm use to, at bare minimum, at least getting trolled by now.
  3. ImAwesomeLee

    Enclosure Calculation Check

    I've done a few builds in the past, but have yet to use your products. I work for a very large cabinet manufacturer in Minnesota and have a high level of skill when it comes to wood fabrication. It's been 5+ years since my last build and I am a bit rusty. Needless to say, I don't trust my calculations and I am hoping someone can look-over these to let me know their thoughts on the dimensions/specs for these particular subs. This build will be for (2) BL-12's each in their own enclosure (with both enclosures attached together @ the ports). Below is my dimensions/specs. If this is in the wrong section of the forum, I apologize. If a moderator can move this to the proper section I would be endlessly grateful. Thank you in advance.