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  1. Collin Bailey

    18 inch DSS Ethos

    You da man Q! One more question and I'll go back to quietly waiting Looking at absolute maximum dimensions, I could squeeze 450 sq in. (112/sub) but that would require a frigging shoehorn to mount everything. Do you think there could be a noticeable to the ear difference between 350 sq. in., 390 sq. in. , and 450 sq. in. of port at the same tuning? Is this even worth worrying about? This is a daily thing and not a chasing meter build.
  2. Collin Bailey

    18 inch DSS Ethos

    Sorry for bumping an old thread, I didn't want to start a new one just to ask this. I noticed that all the other size Ethos on the dss site had recommended port area specs except the 18. Quentin, do you have a recommended port area in mind when you build these? A little info on my plans if interested: I've got 4 18's pre ordered that I'm going to build a wall for. If all goes well I'll have between 20-21 cubes. I can build the slot port as big as 390 sq in (97.5 per woofer) I would prefer making it more like 350 sq in (87 per woofer, 17 sqin to cu ft if you ever go by that) Either way I can pick my tuning between 30-35 (plan on 32) and still have cone excursion and vent mach under control from modeling in winisd. Hoping for 10k clamped at the most. P.S. mad fawkin pumped to see these woofs in person! Congrats on the business!