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  1. What upgrades are needed to run a Sundown 2k? Some people say HO alt and some don't. What do you all think? Going in a 2005 Cavalier. Not trying to buy a HO alt if I don't need to. Thanks
  2. Post your favorite battle rappers
  3. Go with the Gcon.
  4. ^ Send it to PSI
  5. Yeah me too. I'm waiting on a quote from Singer, maybe he has a bigger one. The 270 is from DC. Mechman only has a 240.
  6. I'm starting a new build with tax returns and was wondering what kind of electrical upgrades I'll be needing. Q1-4500 and a Q4-90. Subs will be (2) HDC4 12s (if I can fit a 5cu ft box in my Cavalier and have room for the batteries) or (2) HDC3 10s. Was thinking HO alt obviously, I think 270amp is the biggest I've seen for my car. 2 runs of power and ground, big 3 obviously and 3 batteries in the back. Will that be enough?
  7. Ask on linustechtips.com. great tech forum.
  8. Pretty damn accurate. I like it
  9. DC level 2 10" fits the bill. Needs .5 sealed and 1 cube ported
  10. I'm pretty sure DC subs don't require a big box. They might be a little deeper than you need them to be though. Need some dimensions
  11. I found out about ssa subs from ca.com. Very happy I did. A buddy of mine has an Icon now, can't wait til I can run some SSAs myself.
  12. Hey!!! Been into car audio for about a year now. Transferring from the "drama" forum, you probably know which one. Hoping to learn even more here.