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  1. B00Mbap

    Subwoofer Recommendations (For output)

    If I did go with Sundown 12's they'd probably be sa-12's. Haven't looked at their 15's yet. Plus there's a Sundown dealer near me (well not really kinda far away) but I can talk with them too about what I want.
  2. B00Mbap

    Subwoofer Recommendations (For output)

    Nah they're nice but they'd be over my sub budget.
  3. B00Mbap

    Subwoofer Recommendations (For output)

    Never heard of FU Audio but I'm checking them out. Power wise I'm looking at 2,000 RMS max
  4. B00Mbap

    Subwoofer Recommendations (For output)

    Yea I also saw a vid of those on youtube and they look like they would definitely do the job, but yea out of my price range. But like I said before its possible I might go with one 15'' Ethos with the recommended specs/tuning. Just gotta find a good amp to power it and then get electrical up to par. Still taking suggestions in the meantime....
  5. B00Mbap

    Subwoofer Recommendations (For output)

    Saw those things on youtube a few days ago. They look sick! Still deciding though but that's a good suggestion I'll keep in mind
  6. B00Mbap

    Subwoofer Recommendations (For output)

    XD How did I forget those two things lol Ok trunk dimensions.... Length: 38'' Width: 51"-56" (trunk caves in at one spot) Height: 22" Budget for subs.... Up to $400 for 2 12's or 1 15 but willing a bit over that number if needed. Sidenote: Setup will be a daily setup and the music type is mostly hip hop.
  7. Hey everyone I signed up here awhile back, but have only been able to lurk here and there. Anyway I'm gonna pull the trigger soon and get a sub stage, but I'm not sure which sub/subs I want to buy. My new sub stage will pretty much be 2 12's in a ported box or maybe one 15 in a ported box depending on how much room I have or don't have.. I've looked through the 12'' subs in the store section from all the brands and a couple of 15's but leaning more towards 12's. My goal for the sub stage is pretty much output/loudness. I need some help/recommendations from you guys please and I'll provide more info if you guys need to know anything else. Sidenote: Car is a 2011 Ford Fusion SE Thanks
  8. B00Mbap


    Merry Christmas. So who got new equipment from Santa?
  9. B00Mbap

    Another Basshead Checking In....

    Hey thanks for all the welcomes. I appreciate it
  10. B00Mbap

    Another Basshead Checking In....

    Hey guys. that was quick. Looks like this forum is really active.
  11. B00Mbap

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I was searching for non-mainstream car audio equipment on Google and this company and forum came up then I checked it out and now I'm here lol
  12. Hey everyone B00Mbap here for PA. I've been lurking around the forum for the past couple of days and I like it so far. I've been into car audio for awhile now and got my first system a couple of months ago, but I'm now looking into new equipment and looking to get louder. I'll be shopping around for new stuff in the near future but until then I'll keep researching and enjoying my current setup. My current system.... Hope to meet y'all.....later