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  1. If I wire 3 of the hd8ks to 2 ohms each charging at 12.5 how reliable will they be? In the past it had 3 ab 750.1s it got 15k clamped, so I am looking for that same power this time around.
  2. That is why I was asking this question. Lots of guys around me are advising against larger amps and going smaller for better efficiency. TFE look like a winner
  3. 280 and 340 mike singer units
  4. Electrical will not be an issue. Dual alts and 14 batteries. I am trying to stay 12 volts for now. Investment to go 16 would be crazy with buying the amps. Just wondering if efficiency will be better with smaller amps vs just 2 amps.
  5. I thought about doing 3 tara amps 8ks as well.
  6. I am in the middle of redoing mike singer's dora the explora(05 ford explorer). Subs have not been finalized yet. Tantric md 15, Sundown Sa-15, and American Bass XFL 15 are the front runners at this time. Original build was 12 XFL 15d4s on 3 ab 750.1s. He got 15k clamped and 160.9 at 47 out of it. I am trying to go with more 4th friendly subs and more efficient amp set up.
  7. What would be the most efficient way to reach 15k rms? Options are 2 Crossfire 8ks, 2 Ampere Audio 7.5s, or 2 Ampere Audio 8.0s VS 6 Scv 3ks, 6 Skar 2500s, or 6 American Bass 175.1 VFLs I will be powering 12 15s so I am looking to get around 13 to 15k rms. Cost wise 2 amps would be cheaper.
  8. yukonblack

    Fi SSD 15 specs for high QTS

    Build is already complete. Mike Singer designed and built it for xfls. Sealed section is only 1.25 cubes sealed per 15. The xfls worked well just trying to find a more 4th order friendly sub to help with efficiency. Build did a 160.9 on 15k clamped. Just trying to see if a more friendly sub will be better. I want to try and get my power down to around 12k.
  9. yukonblack

    Fi SSD 15 specs for high QTS

    Bandpass. Originally had xfl 15s. Looking at going to a more 4th friendly sub. I was almost set on sa's but decided to look for something different. Almost everyone with a 4th goes sa. They are proven, but I think the ssd deserves a shot.
  10. yukonblack

    Fi SSD 15 specs for high QTS

    Does anyone have the specs for a SSD 15 with the high QTS upgrade? I am looking to use some in a 4th order build and I am trying to model the subs.
  11. yukonblack

    Can it fit

    Do you think its worth it to try that or just stay with 4 15s? I think the wow factor would be to keep the batteries and the amps were they are and still get enough space to run the 18's. I am not going for numbers just demos, but I would like to put up a decent number when I do meter. Legal I am at 150.7 at 43 hertz. I would love to get that up to 153 or so that is why I want the 18s. I don't think the 15s will be about to get there.
  12. yukonblack

    yukon pics

  13. yukonblack

    Can it fit

    Thanks Mr. Jarrell for the response. Sencheezy (my local dss team member) informed me that it would be about 3 to 4 months on the wait for ethos. I would love to go with tridents, but budget does not allow at this moment. I think the ethos will be a major upgrade for a lightweight like myself to step up to a much better sub. I am currently running 6 american bass xfls. Current box measures 48w x 30d x 22h. Absolute max is 53w x 45d x 22h to keep it below the window line. Max depth will be adjusted for space between port and rear hatch as needed. Current box port is 12.5 inch octoport with 6 inches of space from port to tailgate. Port is 19 inches in length tuned to about 31 hertz. Right now I have batteries and amps mounted in front of the box that takes up about 8 inches.
  14. yukonblack

    Can it fit

    I have a 99 yukon denali (aka tahoe) that I want to upgrage to 4 dss ethos 18s. I currently have 6 xfl 12s on 7k in a 12.2 cube net box. I have about 7 inches of space between the port and the back door. Do you think I can get 4 18s in this space or should I stick with going 4 15s? Currently I have my batteries and 2 amps behind the back seats as well.
  15. yukonblack

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Sencheezy sent me here to have some fun!