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    1985 cutlass supreme.
  1. Dylan Heavrin

    85 Cutlass build

    Absolutly! Pictures please.
  2. Dylan Heavrin

    85 Cutlass build

    IAK SWAG! An 1 of 4 Zcons!
  3. Dylan Heavrin

    85 Cutlass build

    Alt with regulator. Also have dual brackets already
  4. Dylan Heavrin

    85 Cutlass build

    Reserve powaa!
  5. Dylan Heavrin

    85 Cutlass build

  6. Dylan Heavrin

    85 Cutlass build

    Pics of my Cutty
  7. Dylan Heavrin

    85 Cutlass build

    Good ol' pork Chops been on my rear about getting active in here. So here we go. 1985 Cutlass supreme build plans. 4 SSA Zcon's In a B pillar Flat Wall Driver side port. Is the set goal in mind of this project. Rear was gutted today and measurements acquired. Designer is in creation mode via Google sketch-up. Building is planned to begin Sunday the 15th! Power currently is a single CT Sounds 7000.1 Power goals are two CT Sounds 7000.1's Electrical Currently is a Single Singer 275A alternator. With 1 Stinger SPV70 in the front, And 2 more Spv70's in the rear along with 4 C&D's in the rear as well. With batteries alone is 410 AH. Electrical Goals are Dual Singer 275A Alternators. With single Battery in front and at least 11 in the rear totaling 800+ AH. Current front stage mid-range Crescendo 10's Two in each door. Additional Front stage to be added, super tweets In the dash and 3 full ranges in the A pillar. Of course with this massive plan i am extremely anxious to see how it turns out. Were i'm not trying to rush it, because i want it built correctly and very strong. I have a set goal to be done by Slamology!