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  1. bumpinsubaru

    looking to build a 4th order for BTL 18s

    ok sounds like flat wall it is. 30cf and 480sq port. leaves me plenty of space for my amps and batts. i think more batteries are called for!
  2. hey all, i am looking to build a 4th order wall setup in my 88 suburban with 4 BTL UFO pie slug 18s, they will have xmax coils and rig is dedicated SPL/demo. i would really love to find out what sealed size i need to base my wall off. since i want the bandwidth i am thinking 2:1 ratio. i have a calculated 100cf3 to work with so space is a plenty.. (50.25w x38t x91l) subs will be inverted (motor showing) all on the back wall, loading wall port will be drivers side. untill i find a sealed cf size per sub i really cant do a thing... ready to start buying lumber and resin