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  1. NEM's Evilinator!!

    I’m assuming it would affect applying tire dressing
  2. Team evil 12s

    That box is huge. And the port is a monster lol
  3. Team evil 12s

    Naw I ain’t tripping bout the post lol. But yea share what you find about the sp4s. They seem similar. Someone told me the evils are slightly higher up than the sp4
  4. Team evil 12s

    Naw I ain’t taking it the wrong way. Yea I’d love to sample some 18s. Just had the misconception that it’s slow or something. Idk. How is it on fast notes. And yea 18s need a lot of air space
  5. Team evil 12s

    All that off of stock alternator wow. And then t looks great should wrap it
  6. Team evil 12s

    Dang turning it Into a monster. What makes yiu you say that about the 18s? I’ve never had any experience with em. What makes em life changing ?
  7. Team evil 12s

    Nice that shyt is slapping. Shaking the toe hitch and off lol. What sizes were you gonna pick up
  8. Team evil 12s

    Right on. Yea the teams look similar to the evils. How do you like em in person ?
  9. Team evil 12s

    Oh and sIde not I couldn’t do no bottle trick with the evils. Just a little information. Grant it it is on 2k more power
  10. Team evil 12s

    I also have a 15” sp4 v2. Sitting around lol. Thats going into my truck truck once I get to it.
  11. Team evil 12s

    I vote for the evils! I love em in my Jeep. I say that because, I’ve had the evils in this car using the same box. And then I switched it to the Jeep and put these in. So I had a direct swap company comparison and the evils sounded better through all bandwidth. The teams are good don’t get me wrong but they don’t have the same bandwidth as the evils do. I did have the evils on 10k and now the teams are on 12k. But the teams are hella loud and hits the low notes differently. I was just listening to rack city by tuba and damn. I don’t remember the song hitting that hard before lol. I also did a distance test and it’s hella loud as well. What kind of power were were you gonna put on em. I know you said the dc lvl 6 wasn’t good on music. So maybe if since you’re not coming from a musical sub, the teams will blow you away lol. I mean I listen to all songs no problem. It’s not like I skip certain songs or anything, it’s just that compared to the evils. The evils hits things better on the upper end. Upper as in 60hz 80hz. ( that’s just me guessing) lol. So you could take that into consideration as well.
  12. Good news everyone!

    Sounds like you should go with the evils. And you could sell the dc to buy a taramps 10k. How bad is it on music?? I was looking into the lvl 5 a while back. Then I saw the lvl 6 and was like damn this thing is a monster. Is it really bad where you can’t let your music player play and just enjoy whatever song comes up next ?
  13. Team evil 12s

    More and more listening and it’s getting louder and aggressive. Still, very different SOUND from the regular ones. It’s growing on me though. Some of the upper bass still not as hard as with the evils. But in time we shall see