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    Honestly I have more fun putting a project together than I do giving demos. I guess I have some type of social anxiety.
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    95 Dodge Dakota
    89 Mitsubishi Mighty Max
  1. Paul Huh Ruddick

    95 dakota build

    Pushing for 152 150 has been met and exceeded. 152.2 is what I'm sitting at currently. Pushed subs a little not hate than what I'm use to. Have to prepare myself mentally. Trying to make sure I keep a clean signal. I know I'm not as loud as others but I'm to a point now where I'm rattling things loose. Hoping to give some demos at the next team meet and get some educated advice on setting gains properly.
  2. Paul Huh Ruddick

    95 dakota build

    What new update?
  3. Paul Huh Ruddick

    95 dakota build

    275amp singer alt 4 super start marine agm Sub stage is complete now just need to get my belt put on so I can do some proper testing. PUSHING FOR THAT 150
  4. Paul Huh Ruddick

    95 dakota build

    Hey no problem at all
  5. Paul Huh Ruddick

    95 dakota build

    I'll try this forum thing out. My current build in progress. CURRENTLY 4 shok triton 15's 1 HIFONICS ZRX 3200.1 1 160 AMP ALT 1 STOCK BATTERY UNDERHOOD The plan is to run: 1 Taramp HD 6.5k with dual 1/0 inputs 2 Blockshaker G31 1 250 amp alt I am always open to comments and b suggestions. I am on a very limited budget but working with what I can. I am very pen to comments and suggestions. CURRENT PROBLEMS when wired at 2ohm I rise to 5.38. My box is to small by almost 2cuft. Struggling to figure out how to mount amp so it us readily accessible. While still being able to actually wall the truck off. Right now it is just a box bolted to a platform.
  6. Paul Huh Ruddick

    Dakot Build 2.0

    This is my build for the 2015 season still chasing the elusive 150. Hoping for atleast a 152