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  1. MazdaBass971

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    I was running 2 AudioPipe TXX-APX 15's on a little APSM 2000.1, they didn't sound as good as my single HDC3 15, I don't go and crank the gains and bass bost up i used a tool to set the levels for no clipping, the HDC3 15 hammers much harder then my old 15's, but i think it was the amp at fault also at the time it wasn't that good of an amp.
  2. MazdaBass971

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Yeah Ive noticed it got a bit lower since i have it broke it quite well now, Ive had it for about a month and ½ now, but i drive everyday so i got her pretty lose.
  3. MazdaBass971

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Well that's the reason i inverted it because the box is to small, if i coud fit a 5.0cu ft box i can standard mount the sub, but i have no box building skills and i don't have enough space for a 5cu ft box with room to fit an amp rack and extra battery's, my current box already takes up 75% of my trunk so i barley have enough space for more battery's and an amp rack. but since i inverted it there is no displacment so i keep the 3cu ft of airspace and tuning and i have enough room for battery's and an amp rack, so its working quite well, the only way i can fit a box larger then 5cu ft is by walling off the trunk, but i don't have that kind of cash or skill. lol
  4. MazdaBass971

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Thank you! And you are 100% correct it was Got160'sMuzik Lady Antebellum! Yeah the APCL is moving it pretty good Its wired to 1ohm and sounds great, but.. I know this sub can take a bit more power so that's why I plan to get the SQ 2200.1 just to get that SPL i want, the box is only 3.0cu ft so its kinda small to standard mount it, its ported tuned to 30hrz the port is on the side of the box.
  5. MazdaBass971

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Got my HDC3 15 up and running! I have a AudioPipe APCL 1500.1 running it for now, I'm saving up for the soundqubed 2200.1 then I'm going to make an amp rack to make it look a bit nicer... Very nice woofer!
  6. MazdaBass971

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    I will. Thank you, Oh and real quick, how much is that giant decal you sent that Tipad5050 dude?
  7. MazdaBass971

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    If you'd like give us a call we can do the 50% off and have it installed for you now. 405-600-1936. Yes your order will come with decals. Well i really appreciate that offer but i used my amazon credit card to purchase the speaker, i kinda wont have the money till my tax refund comes in. lol Ill just order one off Sound Qubes site and install it my self it looks pretty easy to do. Thank you again though.
  8. MazdaBass971

    Amazon - *PROMO INSIDE*

    Freaking sweet! Since i found this i went ahead and ordered a single HDC3 15 i couldn't pass up this deal! But i wish the carbon dustcap was an option on amazon, no big deal i can just order one later on from the site. Thank you very much Sound Qubed I can't wait to get this installed! Also does it come with decals? I want an awesome decal to put on my window when i take it to a show.