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  1. I wouldnt mind dd but I'm pretty sure it's out of my budget. I like what American bass have to offer but can't find any prices...
  2. I been trying to do some research on some 7-7.5 rms amps but not really making a ton of progress. What are some good amps that's within this power range with the exception of dc. i know b2 m1s and ns1 v2 are in the category but what are some others than im overlooking? i need two budget is $3k
  3. Which one of these will be more powerful? I have two scv4k's going on three tridents but I have a feeling I'll need/want more power for those.
  4. Something like a window line will be good..I really don't want to wall because I want to see out my back glass a little, so it can come above the window just not ask the way to the roof
  5. Two sets of components in each door..it's daily with about 17 cubes
  6. I'm sitting in front of the computer brainstorming different setups..trying to find the right sub is just like buying a new car for the first time *Two Zv4 18's with spl cone and nsv2 coil powered by two AA 3800's *Two sp4 18's fully upgraded powered by two sundown scv 4000's The subs and amps I still have floating around is the B2 audio M1s, nightshade v3. and Scv 6000, CT 4000.1
  7. Which of these amps do you guys think is the better buy? efficiency, output build quality, and customer service..and is there any other amp that compare? i know sq is about to release the 4500 but after reading a couple threads about them they put out power just not clean power
  8. I apologize if you took my comment the wrong I didn't mean it in a rude way
  9. Can you guys build a judge that's tailored to 4th orders
  10. I'm not interested in ssa subs..almost every time some recommends a sub 90% of the time it's a ssa sub that's why I asked the question in the IA section
  11. so basically you guys are saying its stupid to want a sub that gets loud and sound good?
  12. 2014 Silverado
  13. Besides this what are your goals, budget, space available, power on tap, current electrical etc.?Daily ground pounder...$1400 for subs and $1500 for amp(s) looking to run about 8k watts trying to try something different than sundown..but I can squeeze 17-18 cubes
  14. I want a sub that have the best of both worlds sq and spl
  15. ok...and? thats not telling me anything